How to watch the game Barcelona - Real Madrid online


This afternoon at 8:30 p.m. a new edition of the Spanish football classic is played, Barcelona against Real Madrid . Each match between these two teams has become an event practically worldwide. And, in addition to being broadcast on the different sports networks in many countries, the Barcelona-Real Madrid match can also be seen on the internet , which means that we can see it from anywhere in the world.

If we want to see it on television, the game will be broadcast live through the channels Canal + Partidazo and Abono Fútbol 1 , included in the different payment platforms of the telecommunications companies. Canal + Partidazo is available on Movistar + and on Yomvi , while Abono Fútbol 1 is the channel used by Vodafone , Orange , Jazztel and Telecable . However, if we do not have contracted any of these services, we can also watch the Barcelona - Real Madrid game on the internet . Let's review what options we have.

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Veofutbol is Telecable's online platform and at this moment it has a promotional subscription. Instead of paying a monthly subscription, it offers to be able to see everything that remains of the league with a single payment of 29 euros . With this payment you will give us access to the Football Pass and Football Pass 1 channels until the end of the season. If we also want to see the Champions League and other international competitions, we have the option to also include the bein SPORTS channel , yes, the price to pay is 59 euros , also with a single payment.

Once the payment has been made, we will be able to watch the game from the computer through the browser or also from our mobile devices through the Android or iPhone applications . The service does not have permanence, but at least we have to hire a month.



If we are only interested in seeing Barcelona - Real Madrid we can choose the option proposed by OpenFutbol . This platform offers the game Barcelona - Real Madrid at a price of 5 euros . That is, we forget about stays and monthly fees, we pay only for the game we want to see. This time we are talking about the Barcelona - Real Madrid match , but it is possible to buy any match of the day.

In addition to paying for a single match, OpenFutbol also offers a series of season tickets. We have the Day Pass for 8 euros , with which we can watch all the matches of the day. The My Team Pass will allow us to watch all the matches of a specific team until the end of the season for 36 euros . We also have the 4 Days Pass , which will give us access to the matches of the next 4 league days for 20 euros . Finally we also have the Season Pass for 45 euros .

Once the game is paid, we can enjoy it in several ways. From our computer through the browser. From our Android smartphone or iPhone through the corresponding application. Or through our Smart TV if we have a Samsung TV from 2014 onwards (J5XXX series and later) or an LG TV from 2013 onwards.

And as this match is always a great showcase, it will also be possible to enjoy it in 4K if you are a Movistar + customer and have a Samsung TV from 2015. And even, as a great novelty, this year we will be able to enjoy the Barcelona - Real Madrid match in virtual reality at through the Samsung Gear VR . And you, how are you going to see Barcelona - Real Madrid ?