Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, Endor to Host First Downloadable Expansion

Star-Wars - The-power-of-the-force-II-endor-02

Do you know what the moon of Endor is? So said, it sounds super geek , but surely you know it. It is about the planet where we could see the hippie version of the Care Bears in the third part of the original Star Wars: Return of the Jedi trilogy . Well, that will be the scene of the first downloadable expansion that the Activision publisher will allow those who have Star Wars: The Power of the Force II to get before the end of the year , the last video game that has been released for high-definition consoles inspired by the universe of the galactic saga.

At the moment the exact date of the launch of The Battle of Endor is unknown , which is what it seems that this downloadable content will be called (or DLC , as these extensions are also called), as well as the price that it will have.

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