Miele SmartLine, modular induction hobs

Miele SmartLine, modular induction hobs

The German appliance manufacturer Miele has just announced a new range of modular induction hobs, which it has dubbed the SmartLine. They are characterized, above all, by their design, since they have many combination options for all types of kitchens. The goal is to gain more comfort and space in the kitchen, with easier cleaning and wide capacities.

The new Miele SmartLine range has products for all types of users. The manufacturer has announced induction hobs, gas barbecue grill or teppan yaki. They all arrive sculpted in black ceramic glass, so they are visually very attractive. In addition, they follow the line of other appliances of the brand, with a sophisticated design for a more elegant kitchen. In fact, they create a homogeneous atmosphere in those kitchens that are very close to other rooms in the house such as the living room.

Miele SmartLine

This is the new induction hobs from Miele

One of the star products of this new range is the 60-centimeter induction hob. It is composed of two differentiated zones with PowerFlex technology, which allow it to be used as four individual cooking rings. At the same time, they can be combined automatically when using pots or large containers. This same board can also be found in the 38cm size with a single PowerFlex zone. Thus, it can be used as two cooking rings instead of four. Another advantage is that these induction hobs have touch controls that are only visible on the screen when they are in operation.

Likewise, the SmartLine range has a hob extractor, which can be combined with any type of induction hob thanks to the modules that are attached to each side. Also noteworthy is the TwoInOne hob with integrated extractor to save more space in the kitchen. The extractor is totally compactly integrated into the induction hob to absorb fats and odors just as they are produced. Cleaning is your priority, since the extractor also has a removable metal filter that can be easily put in the dishwasher without problems.


The new induction hobs from Miele are already available at a price starting at 1,600 euros.