Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro, we have tested it

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro, we have tested it

The Korean brand Samsung has renewed its line of wearables including many interesting changes, such as the possibility of submerging the devices. In fact, the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro is probably one of the most complete sports bracelets on the market. It also offers good value for money, as it sells for 230 euros in Spain .

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro is a smart bracelet that syncs with the smartphone through the S Health application. The new gadget is fully waterproof (up to 50 meters) , has automatic heart rate measurement and records all physical activity and sleep.

samsung gear fit2 pro submersible

Highlights of the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

Although the bracelet shares many functions and characteristics with the previous model of the brand (the Samsung Gear Fit 2 bracelet), the Pro version goes a step further and allows you to record your workouts in the pool thanks to its resistance to water and its integration with the Speedo On app.

It has also slightly improved the design, with a more comfortable strap and a more sporty design .

The device automatically measures and detects exercise, records hours and quality of sleep, and counts steps, floors climbed, and calories burned throughout the day. In addition, it has some smart watch functions, since it receives mobile notifications via Bluetooth .

In fact, in some apps like WhatsApp, it is possible to reply to messages directly on the Gear Fit 2 Pro screen , with emoticons or with standard messages already created.

Data sheet

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

screen1.5 inches, 216 x 432 pixels (310 dpi)
Internal memory4GB
Processor and RAMDual 1 GHz, 512 MB
Battery200 mAh, Pogo type charge
Operating systemSamsung Tizen
CompatibilitySamsung Galaxy: Android 4.3 or higher

Other Android: Android 4.4 or higher

iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6S, 6s Plus, SE, 5 * iOS 9.0 or higher

ConnectionsBT 4.2, WiFi, GPS
DesignWater resistant (5 ATM), black or red color
beltSmall (wrist size between 125 and 165mm)

Large (wrist size between 158-205mm)

Dimensions25mm wide x 51.3mm high (33/34 grams)
SensorsHeart rate, gyroscope, barometer, accelerometer
Featured FeaturesAutomatic activity detection, pool training monitoring, Spotify, Speedo On, heart rate measurement, compatibility with sports applications (MyFitnessPal, MapMyRun, Endomondo)
Release dateAugust 2017
Price230 euros

Design and display

The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro activity tracker from Samsung is equipped with a 1.5-inch screen (resolution 216 x 432 pixels). The panel is tactile, Super AMOLED, and is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 glass to prevent damage from bumps or scratches. And now it can be submerged in water.

samsung gear fit2 pro design

The structure of the screen, therefore, is elongated and curved, to adapt to the shape of the wrist. And you can choose between two strap sizes , for larger or smaller wrists.

The gadget measures 25 millimeters wide x 51.3 millimeters high , and is available in two colors: black or red.

Processor, performance and battery

Like other Samsung accessories, the Gear Fit2 Pro bracelet runs on the brand's own operating system, Samsung Tizen . As for the processor, it is a chip with two cores at 1 GHz and has 512 MB of RAM.

The available internal storage space is 4 GB .

The watch is equipped with a 200 mAh battery that is recharged with the Pogo type connector. The charging station connects directly with a USB cable to a power adapter or to the computer.

samsung gear fit2 pro charging

The battery can last a little over two days with heavy use , or up to four or five with occasional or moderate use. The main advantage is the charging speed: you just have to connect the device and wait a little less than two hours to be able to continue using the bracelet.

Features of the Samsung Gear Fit2Pro Activity Tracker

The device has all the functions of activity wristbands and is ideal both for regular athletes and for anyone who needs to take care of their health and combat sedentary lifestyle.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro can be used to detect daily activity (hours and quality of sleep, number of steps, calories burned, etc.) and to keep a detailed log of workouts , as well as to count the glasses of water or the quantity of coffee that we drink every day.

Below we break down all the features available on the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro bracelet.

Daily activity log

The bracelet is equipped with a barometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, and a heart rate sensor. And thanks to all these sensors it is able to record all daily activity automatically . With a simple review of the history we will be able to know:

samsung gear fit2 pro heart rate

  • Number of steps walked throughout the day.
  • Number of floors raised . The clock counts one floor each time we climb 3 meters in height.
  • Heart rate . We can perform a measurement of this parameter at any time, but also the bracelet will control our frequency periodically, automatically.
  • Calories burned . Logically, this value changes a lot from one person to another. The bracelet roughly calculates this based on data such as the user's activity, age, and weight.

samsung gear fit2 pro activity

As the device is also equipped with GPS , we can activate the location and we will also have updated information on the distance traveled.

Another key element in the daily log is the sleep analysis . The Samsung Gear Fit2Pro bracelet automatically analyzes the rest time, recording the total number of hours and the percentage of deep rest and restless sleep.

Workouts and automatic exercise detection

The Samsung bracelet is designed to record the information of all kinds of workouts. Afterwards, the user can consult their virtual diary through the Samsung Health mobile application , ideal for checking past dates and scheduling sessions accordingly.

At any time, before a workout, we can activate the registration option on the same bracelet. From the Exercise menu , you have to select the type of activity that you are going to carry out and fill in the corresponding options before starting.

There are many types of exercises configured as standard: running, walking, cycling, hiking, elliptical, stationary bike , stationary machine, treadmill, swimming, lunges, sit-ups, squats, star jump, Pilates, yoga, rowing machine or other exercise.

samsung gear fit2 pro workout

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro can automatically detect some training if we have forgotten to mark it at the beginning. Thus, for example, after a few minutes of running it will detect that there is a running session in progress and it will record it accordingly.

On the other hand, in the activities we carry out, we can ask the device to notify the progress from time to time . For example, if we intend to practice yoga or go for a run for an hour, we will have the possibility of receiving vibration notifications every 15 minutes.

In this way, it is easier to keep track of time and train without worry and without constantly checking the time .

It should also be noted that outdoor activities (such as running, hiking or cycling) can be performed with the GPS activated so that the final record includes the distance traveled.

samsung gear fit2 pro time

Clock functions and other additions

As we have already mentioned, the screen of the device also offers information about the time. In addition, we can use the available applications to use the bracelet as a smart watch: there is a stopwatch, countdown and alarms .

When the bracelet is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth, you can receive notifications from text messages or WhatsApp, for example. Also, the device will vibrate every time a call comes in to the phone .

In the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro there is a small list of standard short messages that we can use, for example, to reply to a WhatsApp message. Thus, without having to take the mobile out of the pocket, we can consult the messages received on the clock screen and reply with emoticons or with basic phrases : "ok", "hahahaha"

The big news: pool workouts with Speedo

samsung gear fit2 pro pool

Samsung's Gear Fit2Pro bracelet is the first of its kind from Samsung that is fully waterproof , and can be worn up to 50 meters deep.

It should also be noted that the watch incorporates the Speedo On application , one of the best known for recording physical activity in the pool.

Before starting a swimming training, we will have to specify the length of the pool. From there, you just have to enter the water and forget about the rest, because the bracelet detects the number of lengths, the turning moments and the total distance .

samsung gear fit2 pro speedo pool

However, it should be mentioned that  the precision in the pool could improve , since if we keep our arms moving when warming up or stretching, the system can detect that we are moving and will add extra lengths to the total count.

Price and conclusions

The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro activity bracelet can now be purchased in Spain for 230 euros . It is available in black or red and there are two versions of the strap: the small one, for wrists between 125 and 165 mm; and the large one, for wrists between 158 and 205 mm.

samsung gear fit2 pro box

As we have seen, the gadget is one of the most complete options for recording daily activity in the current market. In general, the devices that go on sale are not suitable for swimming, or are submersible but do not record the number of laps or the time spent training.

In this sense, the bracelet is situated in an interesting middle point between the basic models (which only detect steps and calories, for example) and the more advanced models of watches for triathletes.