How to make your Windows 7 computer run faster

Windows 7 Desktop

If you want to get the most out of your Windows 7 computer, you just have to follow a series of steps. One option is the installation of a series of programs, but we propose something more manual.

The first thing you should do is click the Equipment icon with the right button. Next, press the Properties panel , it is the last of the list that appears. There a control panel will open that will divide the square in two: one with a blue background, another with a white background. The blue part, the one on the left, has a series of tabs. Give the last one of all, the one that says Advanced system settings .

A gray panel will then open with the title System Properties . Three divisions will appear in this section. You have to hit the first one, since the word Configuration appears in all three . It's the one just below Performance .

By default, you will have Let Windows choose the most appropriate settings for my computer selected . In this case, we have to deselect it and check the Adjust box to get the best performance .

Next, you must go to the bottom of the box and click on the boxes for Use visual styles in windows and buttons and Use shadows on desktop icon labels . You hit the Apply button , then OK and that's it. This will slightly modify the appearance of the system. In case you don't like it, select again, in the Performance options ,  Let Windows choose the most suitable configuration for my computer.

This action will automatically take you back to the panel that was opened for you at the beginning. Since you are here, click on the Settings button that is inside the Performance box , that is, the first one, the same as before.

Windows 7 3D

Next, click on Advanced options . When you're there, click where it says Change , in the Virtual Memory box . The next thing you have to do is change the number that appears in the Custom size box , Initial Size (MB) . If you have it with the presets, you will get 2000 . Delete that number and put 2100 . This amount is the system paging file, which has to do with RAM . It is a frequent expression that is used to describe the memory modules of computers and is usually measured in gigabytes, although in this case we have the measurements in megabytes.

Also change the number that appears just below. Where it says 4000 , put 4100 . Then hit Set to save all changes. You can check that you have done well because above, where disk C ( C: Local Disk ) appears, the one that appears selected, you will see the amounts next to it. Then we give Accept three consecutive times , once on each different screen and as they close. To finish with this step, you will have to Restart the computer.

When you're on the Home screen again, right-click . Next, click on the seventh option, Graphics Properties . Then, click on the button that says 3D . You will see that a screen is displayed on your right. At the top, where it says 3D Preferences , you will see a bar. it contains some extremes: Performance and Quality . You have to place the pointer just above Performance . A screen will open asking if you want to save the changes. Click OK . Thus, you will have a Windows 7 computer with a little more speed.