How to unsubscribe and remove information from your Twitter profile

How to unsubscribe and remove information from your Twitter profile 1

You are sick of Twitter . For some reason or another, the blue bird net causes you more headaches than joys. The lack of privacy, the time you waste browsing through the updates or having met the wrong people through this medium. Whatever the reason, you have decided to disappear for a few days from the network or permanently delete your account and dedicate your free time to other activities. We tell you how to deactivate your Twitter account in a few steps.

Twitter offers a simple tool to deactivate your account or delete it permanently (not like Facebook , which requires more work to get to this configuration). The first thing we have to do is open a session on the computer with our Twitter credentials . It is important to access through the PC or the classic version in a mobile browser since the app does not give us the option to deactivate our account. Once we are inside, we have to click on the thumbnail of our profile photo that is in the upper right part of the screen, just to the left of the "Tweet" button.

Disable Twitter

Within the drop-down menu that will open, the option that interests us is "Settings" . By default, the submenu that opens is "Account". This is where we will find the function to deactivate the Twitter account, which is located at the bottom of the page. It is a small link that appears in green and says "Deactivate my account . " In the next step we should see a page with the same appearance as the image that appears above this paragraph. Twitter will ask us first what has led us to take this step. If we want to collaborate with the network we can write our motivations in the link that says “Tell us” , but it is not a necessary step.

In the next place, it warns us that our user data will only be kept for thirty days, and after that time it will be permanently deleted. During that period we can reactivate our account if we log into the network with our credentials, but afterwards it will be impossible. By the way, we must also take into consideration that in some of our data could still appear on the network for a few days . The information that appears externally in Google is not eliminated either, since Twitter has no direct influence on the search engine.

To complete the process, click on the big blue button that says "Deactivate @ ...". By the way, before carrying out this task it may be a good idea to save the information of our activity on Twitter, in case we want to review it at some point. To do this, go back to the "Account" configuration menu and click on the "Request your file" button. Once the download is ready, you will receive an email with the link. This information includes the tweets you have written during your stay on the network.