How to view Facebook messages without using Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

There have been many complaints from Facebook users since, last week, many of them have been forced to download the Facebook Messenger application in order to access their private messages and communicate with their contacts from their smartphone. This is how, for a few days, we have been able to warn that we can no longer consult our messages from the Facebook application for iOS or Android . If you are one of those who does not find any problem in downloading the Facebook Messenger application , here we tell you how , however, if you still resist installing it on your mobile device, thenWe explain how to view Facebook messages without having to use the application that has caused so much talk these days, that is, Facebook Messenger .

Currently, when we try to access the messages in the Facebook application for iOS and Android , a message appears in which Facebook alerts that these messages have been moved to the Messenger application and in which it invites us to download Facebook Messenger from the store from Apple, App Store, or from Google Play , depending on our operating system. To carry out this trick we will have to accept the installation and wait for the Facebook application to direct us to the application store. Once Facebook Messenger is downloading,We will have to cancel the installation when it has already reached at least half of the process .

Once the download is canceled, we can verify that this trick has taken effect if we open the Facebook application and we can check our private messages again without having to go to Facebook Messenger . This trick, first released by the British newspaper The Guardian , works for both iPhone and Android devices . It should be noted that this trick will not have to be used on the iPad since the Facebook application for the Apple tablet does show the messages .

Facebook Messenger

It is possible that this trick works only for a few days , until Facebook take action on the matter and update your applications to prevent people continue to use this trick. However, it is not the only one that exists . Apart from using Jailbreak , there is a much simpler possibility: accessing our Facebook account through the browser of our mobile device .

At the moment, not all users have received this notification in their history of private messages when they access their Facebook profile from their smartphone , however, as Facebook confirmed on the day it was officially announced, this new update will be implemented progressively , being a process that can take several weeks, and even months .