Asus K01A, a new inexpensive seven-inch tablet

Asus K010A

The Taiwanese manufacturer Asus has starred in a leak in which we have learned of the existence of a new seven-inch tablet (with the Asus K01A name ) that will hit the market with an affordable price as a flag. Although it is a leak that does not go into details in relation to the internal components of the tablet, other details have been known such as that, for example, the seven-inch screen integrated as standard in the Asus K01A will offer a resolution of 1,024 x 600 pixels .

There are also data related to the internal storage capacity, which will offer a space of 4 GigaBytes expandable through an external microSD memory card (we presume that the card limit will be set at 32 GigaBytes ). The leak reveals that the Asus K01A will have two cameras (a main camera and another front camera intended for video calls), although it does not go into details in relation to the sensors that will be incorporated in these cameras. Since it is a simple product that seeks the minimum cost of production, the sensor of the main camera will probably be around five megapixels, while the front camera will be limited to offering us a sufficient quality to make video calls.

Asus K010A

The connectivity that we will find in this new tablet will be the usual ones today: WiFi (to be able to surf the Internet by connecting to a router), GPS (to follow navigation routes on the map) and Bluetooth 4.0 (both to transfer data such as to connect an external device wirelessly). The battery will have a capacity of 3,200 milliamps .

One of the great doubts that exists in relation to this new Asus tablet is the operating system that could be incorporated as standard. Everything indicates that it will be Android in its version of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean , but there are also some sources that indicate the possibility that we are facing a tablet with the Windows Phone operating system . In any of the cases, we will have to wait until a more specific leak to know this information.

Although the technical specifications of the Asus K01A reveal that it will be an inexpensive tablet , the truth is that at the moment there is no data that can allow us to know the starting price of this terminal. Presumably, its price range will be between 100 and 200 euros , since in this range we can find tablets such as -among many other examples- the HP Slate 7 , launched in the middle of last year with a starting price of 150 euros . The launch date is another of the mysteries related to this terminal, although all the rumors agree that the Asus K01A should be presented during thefirst half of this year (that is, before summer).