Tip: out of the office on vacation

Would you like your computer to work for you while you are on vacation? You may not be able to get him to do all the tasks, but it can help you rest more peacefully. If you go on a trip (something quite common at this time of year) you may want to automatically notify those who send you emails. In this way, when you send you a message, they will receive a reply with the text of your choice. But it could be something like " I'll be away on vacation until today" ¦ In the meantime you can contact "¦ "

Well, doing so will take a few minutes. But this way you can enjoy the rest with the tranquility of leaving everything tied and well tied. Just follow the steps below ”¦

If you work in a company that has an advanced mail service, perhaps you have an option already created for this purpose. Using the most popular email program, Microsoft's Outlook, this option is found in the Tools menu and is called “Out of Office Assistant”. If this is your case, the process is much simpler and automatic.

If this option does not appear in the Tools menu, you can also enjoy it. Although, in this case, it should be clarified that the message will only be sent automatically once you download the email from Outlook and on the same computer on which you have programmed it.

Before leaving, to generate this automatic response, you must follow the following steps:

1) Write the auto reply message . Create a new message (select New in the toolbar or type Ctrl + U) and write both the subject and the body of the message that will be sent to all the people who write to you during your absence. For example, we can put something like “ From August 1 to August 15 I will be out of the office for vacation. For this reason, I will have limited access to my email. If it is an urgent matter, please, get in touch with Mr. Pérez on the phone XXX or by e-mail ”¦

Once the message is written (do not forget to put a subject, such as "automatic reply" "absent for vacation") save the changes. This message will go to the Drafts folder. Open that folder, select the message (do not open it, just select it with the left mouse button) and go to the File menu and choose "Save as" ¦ "

A dialog box will appear for you to choose a file name and extension. Pick a name that you will later remember. It is important that in the "Save as type" option you select "Outlook Template". You give it to save and go to the next section.

2) Create a rule in your email program . A rule is an automatic behavior that the program performs when it receives or sends a certain message. This works for this trick, but also for many other possibilities. For example, automatically delete or save messages from a person or with a certain text in the subject in a folder.

Within the Tools menu, select "Rules and Alerts". Press the "New rule" button and choose the following options "Start from a blank rule" and "Check messages when they arrive". Click Next.

In Step 1 we have to choose the conditions. We are going to explain the conditions to choose so that the message reaches the whole world, but if you want to send this holiday notice only to certain people, just choose other options to customize the process. Select "where my name is in the To or CC box" and click Next. In the other window choose "reply using a specific template". And click on the phrase "a specific template" to then choose the template that you just created. If it does not appear in the window, in the "Search in" drop-down menu we select "User templates in the file system".

Click Open and then Next to go to the exceptions window. Here you can customize some exception based on numerous variables. When you finish, click Next. Finally, assign a name to the rule and choose to activate it now or not. If you still don't want to activate it, you can do it later. Finally, click Finish.

3) We're going on vacation . Now is the time to activate the rule you just created. Go back to the Tools menu and choose "Rules and Alerts." The created rule should appear here. To activate it, just select it in the box to the left of the ruler. Press Accept and take the suitcases. From now on, when you connect to the mail, you will be automatically sending the vacation message to everyone who writes you on these dates.

Learn more about how to use the Out of Office Assistant on this page from Microsoft.