This is how Stamina Mode works to save battery life on the Sony Xperia Z

sony xperia z 01

Sony Mobile has presented this week a new high-end smartphone . The new Sony Xperia Z has been released with a technical sheet of aúpa. In fact, it has a capacitive multi-touch screen of up to 5 inches and a processor with up to four cores . But if something has caught our attention is its  smart features integrated into the phone to make it easier experience aboard this smartphone with Android . Throughout this week, on the occasion of CES 2013 in Las Vegas, the Japanese firm has also wanted to make some unique characteristics more fully known. One of the most important, integrated exclusively in this Sony Xperia Z , has to do with the so-called STAMINA mode . It is, as we already indicated in its day, a function that will allow users of this phone to save battery and gain much more autonomy in their daily or usual operation. As Sony has explained , this is a mechanism that works autonomously in the terminal ...

To summarize what the STAMINA mode consists of , we will say that the system turns off those functions that the phone does not need, as soon as the phone screen goes black . It is, as we would say, a kind of standby function to stop time, leaving off those functions that are not necessary such as Wi-Fi connectivity , Bluetooth or the notification system , capable of rapidly consuming the energy of any smartphone . When STAMINA mode is activated, Sony Xperia Z users will have the opportunity to enjoy its autonomy for longer. In fact,Sony quantifies an increase in power of up to 400% . But don't think that this is an impractical mechanism. The user has at all times the absolute control over those applications or tools that he wants to turn off or otherwise, keep active.

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If you have never used one of these tools to save energy, you should know that you can deactivate the Wifi functions , the LED indicator , the Bluetooth , the GPS , the automatic synchronization with the mail, for example, the incoming calls. , the reception of SMS or MMS , the playback applications , the alarms or the radio, apart from all those programs that we do not consider necessary. When you turn on the phone screen again, the functions will be active again and you can use them without difficulty. At all times you will have the opportunity to choose if you wantkeep calls and email active , for example, or keep quiet only some strictly expendable functions.

You can start using the STAMINA mode on your Sony Xperia Z from next February. It would be then, according to all the rumors that we have on the table for now, when Sony Mobile would present the device in practically all markets, including Spanish .