Gmail, how to memorize a list of contacts to send them emails

Gmail, how to memorize a list of contacts to send them emails

If you use Gmail often, you know that Google's email client offers users a good number of options to optimize its operation. And make writing messages, especially if you use email for work, much easier. And just as practical as managing email from a tool like Outlook .

In the event that you normally send messages to a group of contacts (because we all do it, on a regular basis), you should know that Gmail offers us different options. The first is a suggestion system. Gmail will detect who you regularly send messages to.

And so, when you include a sender, you will get a series of names to add in copy or also as recipients. This is a useful option, because Gmail is usually right. But it will require you to include each of the contacts one by one.

Fortunately, there is another faster and more practical formula. Which is to memorize a list of contacts to send them emails . Don't know how to do it? We will tell you step by step, below.

Memorize a contact list in Gmail

We are going to tell you how to memorize a contact list in Gmail. First of all, you should know that you can configure this option from the web or desktop version. Although these groups can also take advantage of them in the application you have installed on your mobile. Of course, you will have to be logged in with the same email address.

Here are the instructions to create these groups :

group contacts

1. Access your Gmail account (if you have not already done so), entering your email address and password.

2. Next, go to the Google Contacts section. You can use this same link that we provide to make it easier for you .

previous version gmail

3. Now you will have to select the contacts that interest you. Just hover over the contact to bring up the small box . Click here to select it. Repeat this same action with all the contacts that you want to join in the same group.

NOTE: If you do not see this option, we recommend that you go to the previous version. All you have to do is go to the bottom of the page and select Go to the previous version .

google contacts

4. When you are in the new version, choose the contacts you want to group. You can do it just like in the new version. In fact, in this one it will be much easier. If you have already finished with the selection, the next thing to do is click on the icon of the three people, located at the top. Click on Create new. 

new group

5. A box will be activated in which you can indicate the name of the group . Write what you want ( for example: Drafting Team ) and then click OK (the blue button).

6. The contact list will be stored in the My contacts folder. If you want to manage this list, access it. If you see that you have left a contact, you can add or delete them whenever you want .

writing team

And that's all. From now on you can start using the list of contacts that you have stored in your Gmail. You will see that it is very easy. Access the Gmail inbox and click on the Compose button . You can do the same by replying to any email.

Next, inside the recipient's box (To) you will have to write the name of the group. You will see that with the first letters, it appears as a suggestion. Click on it to add it. Then write the subject and the email message. Choose Send and you're done.