LG OLED W8, el televisor que se pega a la pared se renueva en 2018

LG OLED W8, the TV that sticks to the wall is renewed in 2018

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Uno de los televisores más espectaculares del año pasado (por no decir el más espectacular) fue el LG OLED W7. Un televisor que, casi literalmente, se pegaba a la pared como un fino cuadro de 3 milímetros de grosor. Este año el buque insignia se renueva con el LG W8, que llega con nuevo procesador de imagen más potente y el sistema de inteligencia artificial ThinQ.

Along with the new features, the best from last year remain. The W8 also features a soundbar with Dolby Atmos technology, support for up to 5 HDR modes, and the excellent picture quality of OLED TVs . The LG W8 will hit the market in the coming weeks in 65 and 77 inches. Its price is still unknown.

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Diagonal65 and 77 inches
Resolution and technology4K UHD, 5 X HDR (Dolby Vision, Technicolor, HDR 10, HLG, HDR Converter), Pixel Dimming, Perfect Black, Ultra Luminance Pro
Panel typeOLED
ProcessorAlpha 9
Dimensions77 inches: 172.1 x 98.9 x 0.5 cm

65 inches: 144.6 x 82.3 x 0.3 cm

Weight77 inch: 12.3 kg

65 inch: 6.7 kg

SupportMagnetic wall mount
Operating systemwebOS 4.0 with AI
AppsYouTube, Netflix, Amazon Video, ThinQ platform
ControlMagic control
SoundSoundbar 4.2 channels, 60W, Dolby Atmos
Connections2 x DVB-T2 UHD Tuner, DVB-S2 Satellite Receiver, DVB-C Cable Receiver, 4 x HDMI, 3 x USB, RJ45 LAN, Optical Digital Audio Output
Wireless connectivityBluetooth 4.2, built-in WiFi
Release dateAvailable
Price8,000 euros 65-inch model

New image processor

Although LG has decided to keep the design of its flagship, inside we find very important news.

in-depth LG OLED W8 processor

The first and foremost is your new image processor. The new α9 (Alpha9) Intelligent Processor has been developed to achieve the best image quality in any situation.

It is a 14-bit chip that achieves, according to LG data, 35% more power than its predecessors . This allows you to perform up to four steps for noise reduction (banding).

in-depth LG OLED W8 panel

In addition,  the Alpha 9 performs object and frame analysis , identifying the main object from the background and increasing the contrast ratio between the object and the background to obtain greater depth.

This increase in power makes the LG OLED W8 compatible with HFR images up to 120 fps . And like its siblings, it supports HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG, and the new Technicolor system .

Artificial intelligence comes to TV

Systems that allow us to have a connected home are on the rise and no manufacturer wants to be left out. LG has developed ThinQ, an artificial intelligence system that connects all the devices that incorporate it .

The new OLED televisions have it included. Now we can talk to the television with a natural language , being able to control the television to see all kinds of information directly on the television.

Together with the new version of webOS and the Magic Remote we can use the TV as a control center of our home. If we have other ThinQ devices, the TV will be able to control them or receive notifications from them.

Thanks to ThinQ we can tell the TV to turn off when the program we are watching ends. We can also check the weather of a city or put our favorite videos quickly. It is even possible to switch between inputs and TV settings. And as if this were not enough, it is now compatible with the Google Assistant .

Dolby Atmos soundbar included

Like its predecessor, the LG OLED W8 comes equipped with a sound bar . This, in addition to providing Dolby Atmos sound , includes all the electronics of the television. This is how LG makes the LG OLED W8 just 3 millimeters thick.

in-depth LG OLED W8 soundbar

The panel is connected to the sound bar by means of a flat cable and this has the rest of the connections. The bar offers a 4.2 channel system with a power of 60W .

In addition to including Dolby Atmos, it is capable of playing DTS-HD and includes Bluetooth connectivity , both to play content and to connect with headphones.

The TV that sticks to the wall

Nobody is indifferent when seeing the LG OLED W8. It belongs to LG's Signature range, made up of high-end products with a groundbreaking design.

thoroughly LG OLED W8 fine

It is so thin that LG has had to give the panel some flexibility to facilitate its installation. An installation that is carried out using a special support, which is included with the television. Once the support is placed, we will only have to "glue" the W8 to it. It uses a few  magnetic points of contact to position itself on the bracket with practically no space between the wall and the panel.

So seriously has LG taken making its TV look like a painting that it has introduced a new mode called Gallery . This allows us to enjoy the most spectacular places in the world on our television. Gallery Mode makes the LG OLED W8 an exhibition of world-renowned works of art. The images, which can be accompanied by music, avoid having an ugly black panel on the wall when we are not using the television.

As we mentioned before, the only cable that will come out of the television will be the one that goes to the sound bar. In the bar we will have 4 HDMI 2.0 inputs , 3 USB 2.0 ports, a Composite Video input, a Digital Optical output, Ethernet and the antenna tuner. At the wireless level, it has 802.11ac WiFi connectivity and the aforementioned Bluetooth 4.2.

Price and availability

In short, we are facing one of the most spectacular televisions that we can get on the market . Its design allows you to "stick" the television to the wall, being perfectly integrated with the decoration of the house.

in-depth LG OLED W8 final

The LG OLED W8 will hit the market alongside its little siblings, E8 and C8, in the coming weeks. Its price is around 8,000 euros for the 65-inch model. There is no doubt that it is not a television suitable for all pockets. Not for all salons either, as it will only be available in two sizes: 65 and 77 inches .

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