The new Atlético de Madrid stadium will have LG screens

The new Atlético de Madrid stadium will have LG screens

Atlético de Madrid and the technology company LG have signed a collaboration agreement whereby screens of the brand will be installed in the new stadium of the football team .

LG screens in the new Atlético de Madrid stadium

LG OLED thus becomes the team's official technology supplier for three seasons and until 2020. The technology company will also be in charge of managing the necessary equipment, such as screens, at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium.

lg oled atletico madrid

The collaboration between the football team and LG is established along three main lines:

  • On the one hand, LG becomes an audiovisual provider for Atlético de Madrid through LG Partner 360.
  • On the other hand, LG OLED will sponsor the soccer team for three seasons and until 2020.
  • Finally, the technology company will install LG OLED high definition screens in Atlético de Madrid's new stadium, the Wanda Metropolitano.

LG will install hundreds of screens in the boxes, as well as other panels in the areas for fans.

Innovation in football stadiums

LG wants to stand out in the television sector with the facilities that it will launch in the Wanda. But it is not the only company with this aspiration.

More and more technology companies are betting on introducing truly innovative changes and inventions in the world of football .

Thus, for example, Allianz covered the Munich stadium with a network of “bubbles” that light up with the team's colors. And the Amsterdam Arena stadium in the Netherlands has an advanced system that allows the roof to be closed in just 18 minutes .

In the case of the new Wanda stadium, the main objective is to fill every corner with screens to improve the visibility of the attendees, regardless of the area in which they are.