5 websites and cookbooks from LIDL Monsieur Cuisine

Monsieur Cuisine Connect, Lidl's kitchen robot doesn't spy on you

The LIDL kitchen robot has managed to do what no other: democratize access to these types of devices. He is also famous for allegedly spying on our conversations, as we saw in this other article, although LIDL has already denied these accusations. Precisely because of its price, around 200 euros , LIDL Monsieur Cuisine has a fairly generous user base, although it appears and disappears from the German company's store every so often. If you already have one of these robots, we have made a compilation of several of the best websites to find cooking recipes adapted to Monsieur Cuisine.

Monsier Cuisine Connect and Plus Recipe Book (PDF)

The official website of the brand makes available to anyone who wishes a couple of recipe books in Spanish for the Connect and Plus models , the two best-known products of the German firm. By having a similar design, the recipes are equally compatible with the Cuisine model.

Monsieur recipe books pdf

The books can be downloaded in PDF format for free , although the page has a fairly extensive and elaborate catalog of recipes that we can access without downloading any additional files. It also has a digital magazine with dozens of recipe ideas and presentations. To download any content from the web, however, we will have to register with a valid email account . Of course, contrary to what usually happens with the Thermomix, you have to take into account that some of these recipes do not seem to be so well compensated in the amount of ingredients and you will have to do tests until you get the ideal recipe.

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Monsieur Cuisine Recipes (web)

It is a blog that brings together more than a hundred recipes exclusively for the LIDL kitchen robot, as the name of the page suggests.

The website in question has an alphabetically ordered index with dozens of recipes whose preparation is explained in detail with a brief introduction: from traditional food and mixed dishes to homemade desserts and fruit smoothies . The number of recipes present is enormous.

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Monsieur Cuisine Recipes (YouTube channel)

It is not a regular website, but a YouTube channel outside the blog with the same name that has endless recipes explained step by step in video. It is true that the channel activity today is rather scarce, however, the number of recipes available exceeds one hundred , with all kinds of preparations for all audiences. Croquettes, salads, cakes, sweets, empanadas ... By having different playlists, locating the recipes is much easier. Desserts and sweets, doughs and pizzas, fish, creams, appetizers, drinks and juices, rice and pasta and a long etcetera.


It is not a page exclusively oriented to the LIDL kitchen robot, but a whole recipe platform that gathers thousands of entries created by web users.

recipes monsieur

For LIDL Monsieur Cuisine the page has more than 400 recipes explained in detail with photos, quantities and all kinds of information to make the preparations correctly. If we want to find these we will only have to search with the terms "Monsieur Cuisine".

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Monsieur Recipes

Another blog oriented to the LIDL robot whose content is based largely on recipes for the latter. Although the number of available recipes is not comparable to that of other pages, they do have a high level of detail in the explanation , although most lack photos.

Unfortunately, the blog has a fairly high number of advertisements , which can hinder navigation from devices with small screens or modest hardware.

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