10 most surprising videos of the vehicles of the future

10 most surprising videos of the vehicles of the future

When in the eighties and nineties we imagined what the future would be like, we all had in mind a city with super futuristic cars . All of them flying. Having reached two thousand, little of everything that we thought would be our future came true.

Over the decades, it seems that humans are still hell-bent on flying cars. So in recent years , all kinds of prototypes of vehicles of the future have emerged . Impressive means of transport that, although they are not yet in stores, are much closer to circulating on our roads.

Here is a selection of the 10 most surprising vehicles of the future . Would you get on any of these?

1. Mitsubishi Emirai

It is a concept presented by the Japanese firm Mitsubishi, which works with a projection system. And it offers the possibility of working on any surface. The steering wheel and the operating interface are another of its greatness. In addition, it is capable of monitoring the health of the driver.

2. An alien vehicle

Another futuristic car, which in this case has been traded on eBay. They have dubbed it an extraterrestrial vehicle and it was built by Mike Vetter. It has 270 horses and a good number of functions to move around the city intelligently.

3. The flying car

What if the flying car myth could come true? Its creators are a team of engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). They are confident that one day, perhaps in 8 or 12 years, the car, called Terrafugia, can begin to be manufactured. And reach our streets. And heavens!

4. Another revolution in the air

This other prototype would also be that of a flying car. It would be an autonomous car of the future, dubbed The Float. Its design is one of the most futuristic we have seen. Its technology and its shapes make it a movie vehicle. Renault is studying the idea . Will it finally reach dealerships?

5. A futuristic fire truck

Can you imagine a fire truck or an emergency vehicle that could move over cars? Here is the concept of flying cars, but with a much more practical utility. 

6. The electric car of the future

One thing is clear to us. The future of cars goes through electricity. We all look for the most efficient vehicles possible. And Aptera, this vehicle project, in addition to being incredibly futuristic, is powered by electric power.

7. A motorcycle to go to the future

Let's continue with another very special vehicle. In this case a motorcycle. Development has been carried out by Parker Brothers Concepte in Melbourne. It is a futuristic motorcycle that can race the world with a one hundred percent electric motor.

8. Bikes are for the future too

Who said you couldn't innovate more in the field of bicycles? If you are concerned about the environment, you may want to take a look at these bikes to get around town without emitting a gram of CO2.

9. An incredible bike from BMW

This bike has a serious chance of becoming a reality. It is a BMW prototype, the Motorrad Vision Next 100. The German group thus imagines the motorcycle of the future. Super digitized, the riders of this bike will have practically nothing to do. Not even wearing a helmet. Keep balance even when standing.

10. SYMBIOZ, the autonomous car that Renault tests

And we finish with SYMBIOZ, an autonomous car that Renault is already testing. It is much closer to reality than other vehicles. It works through an electric propulsion system and is super connected. It could be ready by 2023.