What would Windows XP look like almost 20 years after being released?

What would Windows XP look like almost 20 years after being released?

It was born in 2001 and it was one of those versions that marked an era. We refer to Microsoft's Windows XP (Windows Experience), an edition that is now history, but still in 2012 had more than 46% of the market share. At the end of 2013, more than 500 million computers in the world were still subscribing to that version.

But in the middle of 2018 Windows XP has died. On April 8, 2014, Microsoft permanently abandoned this successful version of its operating system, ceasing to provide important security updates and patches to users. This automatically made Windows XP vulnerable to all kinds of threats . And therefore, nothing recommended to continue using it.

The fact is that today a video specially devised by and for nostalgic people has transcended. Can you imagine what Windows XP would be like in 2018? Clearly, things have changed a lot since then. And so a certain Kamer Kaan Avdan has created a conceptual version of what Windows XP would look like if we could use it - updated - today.

Actually, what Avdan has done is rescue some mythical elements of that version of the Windows operating system to give them a modern touch . And put it all in a video. Do you dare to take a look at it?

The blue taskbar and other items in Windows XP

The blue task bar is a very distinctive element of Windows XP. Who does not remember it? Well, the designer has recovered that tool to place it at the bottom of the screen, as is still the case with Windows task bars. It has revisited the Windows icons, to introduce Cortana and Microsoft Edge , the browser, as a shortcut in it.

The classic icons to minimize, maximize and close windows are included, but their aspects have been updated, to give them a touch much more similar to the Windows we know today. That includes the design of each of the icons, but also the fonts, which have since changed as well. And a lot. Everything has, in short, a much more minimalist look.

The start menu is preserved, with a design very similar to the one we handle today in Windows 10 . And although, in fact, all the elements that we found in Windows XP are included, the experience is totally different: modern, minimalist and with a modern touch very typical of current operating systems.

The possibility of using different desktops is also incorporated, a very useful feature that users enjoy in Windows 10, the appearance of the mailbox and e-mail trays and the menu to restart or turn off the computer is revised.

Windows Xp

Why did Windows XP succeed?

The truth is that if today we did a survey asking users if they would like to have the operating system that Kamer Kaan Avdan has designed, it is likely that many would join the bombing. Windows XP was a successful operating system . But why?

Although it started with quite high technical requirements (128 RAM and 2 GB of hard disk space were needed), Windows XP came with countless options that users liked: integration with networks and the possibility of browsing in a different way . This made the landing of a large majority of Internet users with a perfectly prepared operating system .

Windows XP also included Messenger, a new messaging system that would forever change the way we communicate with others. It was, on the other hand, a great tool for home users and an excellent formula for managing users' multimedia content.

Today there is nothing left of everything that was Windows XP, but we have the possibility of remembering it through this prototype . And you, would you also go back to those wonderful years?