Panasonic 50EX780. Full test, analysis and opinion

test Panasonic 50EX780 front page

Your Expert RecommendedThe EX780 is the flagship model at the top of Panasonic's LED TV lineup for 2017. A TV that bears the 4K Pro HDR hallmark and features the same Studio Color HCX2 processor found in Panasonic OLED TVs. A screen designed to display the image as the filmmakers intended. Plus, an HDR10 and HLG compatible display. All this accompanied by a design with a tiltable and liftable support. We have had the opportunity to test the 50-inch model. We tell you what we think of the Panasonic 50EX780 .

Data sheet Panasonic 50EX780

Diagonal50 inch
Resolution4K PRO HDR
Frequency2400 Hz
ProcessorStudio Color HCX2
Dimensions111.5 x 72.7 x 34.8 cm
Weight22.5 kg with stand
SupportElevating and rotating X-shaped base
Operating systemMy Home Screen 2.0 (based on Firefox OS)
AppsYouTube, Wuaki, Netflix, RTVE, Clan, Firefox browser, Media player
ControlRemote control, App for mobile and tablet
Sound20 W (10 W x 2)
Connections4 HDMI, 3 USB, Ethernet, 2 CI, RCA, Optical and headphone output
Wireless connectivity802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth
Release dateAvailable
Price1,500 euros (50 inches)


Although most companies reserve their more aggressive designs for OLED televisions, the high-end LED televisions maintain a more than interesting design. The Panasonic 50EX780 sports a design that the company calls a "Switch." This is due to the base with rotating and lifting function that the television includes.

This stand has been designed in the shape of an “X” and has a shiny chrome metallic color , almost like a mirror. The front is somewhat narrower but longer. The rear is somewhat thicker but the arms are a bit shorter. To place the support on a piece of furniture we will need a minimum surface of 72 x 35 centimeters.

test Panasonic 50EX780 stand

On this foot is supported a metal tube of a darker color in which the television is placed. This tube is what allows the height adjustment of the screen . This system offers the possibility of placing the screen at the height we need. We can use it as a normal base, to place it even directly on the ground.

test Panasonic 50EX780 rear bracket

Also on the iron tube we will place the cover to cover the anchoring system. This cover is made of plastic and slightly tarnishes the final finish of the rear of the TV.

test Panasonic 50EX780 back cover

As for the rest of the design, we have a side and top frames 6 mm . The lower frame, always wider, is 17 millimeters. All frames are in silver and sport a brushed aluminum finish.

test Panasonic 50EX780 top frame

The back of the screen is plastic , with a rough finish. The upper area is thinner, while the lower area is slightly wider. This is where the control buttons and connections are located. All connectors are located in the same area and covered by a plastic cap.

Picture quality

Before evaluating the image quality playing content, we are going to tell you what technologies the Panasonic 50EX780 hides. Upon receiving the television, the first thing that strikes us is the distinctive 4K Pro that we see on the box. This is what Panasonic calls its line of high-end televisions. According to the company, "these televisions offer an image quality that perfectly recreates the vision of their creators . "

How are they supposed to do it? On the one hand, with a screen that combines a wide range of colors, the local dimming system and a high level of brightness .

Panasonic 50EX780 screen technology test

On the other hand, the Panasonic 50EX780 is equipped with the Studio Color HCX2 processor . This processor, according to the company, has been manufactured with the color technology, black level and luminosity typical of the best plasma televisions. It has also been adjusted with the collaboration of Hollywood colorists . The objective is, as we said before, to offer an image faithful to the ideas of film directors.

Considering that we are looking at a 2017 TV, it is logical to think that it is prepared for the future. The EX780 supports the HDR10 standard and is compatible with the new Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) format . In other words, it is compatible with the broadcasting of HDR content through television broadcasters. This type of content is expected to arrive this year.

test Panasonic 50EX780 video 4K panasonic

Sample 4K image

Now we know what the TV offers on a technical level. But is it noticeable in the real image? The truth is that if. Since it comes, theoretically, calibrated by Hollywood, we have carried out the tests simply by putting the TV's cinema mode. And the truth is that the image looks really good when we feed it with quality content.

If we usually watch television in low light we will notice deep and uniform blacks , although without reaching the level of the OLED panels. While it is true that in some situations a slight washed-out effect is appreciated, it is not annoying.

test Panasonic 50EX780 black image

Black test

In bright conditions this TV has also performed at a high level. It is noted that the company has endowed the panel with a fairly high brightness . This also helps when playing HDR content.

Panasonic 50EX780 blu-ray 4k test

4K Blu-Ray

The same happens if we play an original Blu-Ray movie. The images are clear and sharp. We have a very good color saturation and a smooth moving image , thanks to the 2,400 Hz and its fast image processor.

Panasonic 50EX780 blu-ray 1080p test

Blu-Ray 1080p

We have also appreciated high image quality in high resolution streaming content . Netflix series with 4K and HDR resolution look really good.

test Panasonic 50EX780 netflix


And what about DTT? Well, something similar to what happens with most 4K televisions. The DTT HD picture is acceptable , the picture engine does a pretty good job of scaling. As for the DTT SD, a significant drop in quality is appreciated. But as we always say, this is not the fault of the TV.

test Panasonic 50EX780 tdt hd


It is also fair to say that we have tested a 50-inch model, which affects that the low quality of the DTT image is better disguised. Perhaps in a model with a large diagonal these problems are more pronounced.

test Panasonic 50EX780 tdt sd


En conjunto, las imágenes están bien equilibradas y la tecnologí­a de atenuación local hace un buen trabajo con los negros. También tenemos unos ángulos de visión muy buenos. Incluso poniéndonos a más de 45 grados no hemos notado distorsión del color.

Sonido y conectividad

A pesar de pertenecer a la gama más alta de televisores LED de Panasonic, el EX780 no cuenta con ningún sistema de sonido especial. Tenemos dos altavoces de 10 W cada uno, acompañados de la tecnologí­a VR-Audio True Surround.

Si traducimos estos datos a un uso real encontramos un sonido correcto. Suficiente para ver algunos programas de la TDT, pero escaso para ver pelí­culas.  Eso sí­, el televisor es compatible con sonido Dolby Digital y DTS a través de su reproductor multimedia. Destacar también que el volumen al reproducir desde un reproductor Blu-Ray conectado por HDMI era realmente bajo. Sin embargo, no podemos asegurar que el culpable sea el televisor.

test Panasonic 50EX780 rear connections

En cuanto a conectividad, el Panasonic 50EX780 cuenta con 4 entradas HDMI. Las cuatro son compatibles con señales 4K hasta 60p y con HDCP 2.2. En el HDMI 2 tenemos el canal de retorno de audio (ARC).

Tenemos también 3 puertos USB, uno de ellos 3.0, un puerto Ethernet, 2 CI, una entrada RCA, salida de audio digital óptica y salida de auriculares. A nivel inalámbrico el Panasonic 50EX780 cuenta con WiFi 802.11ac y Bluetooth.

Sistema Smart TV

Panasonic decidió apostar hace algunos años por el sistema operativo Firefox OS. Un sistema que, aunque tiene la básico, no se puede comparar con otros como webOS o Tizen. A pesar de que Mozilla dio de lado a este sistema, la compañí­a japonesa se ha hecho cargo de él y ha creado el sistema My Home Screen 2.0.

test Panasonic 50EX780 main menu

Estamos ante un sistema agradable visualmente, pero que no ofrece nada extraordinario. Nos ha pasado lo mismo que nos ocurrió cuando probamos la Panasonic DX900. Sí­, tendremos acceso a aplicaciones básicas como Netflix y YouTube, pero poco más. Faltan otras como MiTele, A3Player o Plex.

test Panasonic 50EX780 menu apps

A su favor debemos decir que, gracias a su procesador Quad-Core Pro, es un sistema que funciona bastante fluido. A parte de las ya mencionadas, debemos destacar el sistema Swipe & Share. Con este sistema podremos enviar las fotos y los ví­deos del móvil al televisor con un solo movimiento.

test Panasonic 50EX780 swipe and share

También merece una mención el reproductor multimedia interno. Desde el televisor podremos reproducir casi cualquier archivo de ví­deo que tengamos en red o pongamos por USB. Como decí­amos, es compatible con el sonido DTS y la verdad es que funciona bien y rápido.

Para controlar el televisor tendremos un único mando, además de la aplicación móvil comentada. Un mando de color plata y con botones de color negro y blanco y tacto gomoso.


Aunque cada vez tenemos más modelos en el mercado, los televisores OLED siguen estando al alcance de muy pocos. Por ello las compañí­as siguen lanzando televisores LED con diferentes caracterí­sticas. El Panasonic 50EX780 se sitúa en lo más alto de la gama LED de la compañí­a japonesa. Eso significa que comparte algunas caracterí­sticas con la gama OLED, como por ejemplo el procesador Studio Colour HCX2.

Este, junto con el sistema de iluminación y un panel muy brillante, hace que el 50EX780 consiga una calidad de imagen muy buena. Los negros son muy profundos y la imagen es ní­tida. Como suele ser habitual, es con contenido de alta calidad con el que disfrutaremos de verdad este televisor. Para ver la TDT no es una mala opción, pero quizás modelos como el Samsung UE49KU6500 serí­an una mejor opción.

Panasonic 50EX780 final test

El punto más débil del Panasonic 50EX780 vuelve a ser el sistema Smart TV. El nuevo “My Home Screen 2.0” nos ofrece lo básico, pero tiene muchas carencias. Si solo vemos Netflix y YouTube no tendremos problemas. Pero si queremos aprovechar el Smart TV para ver más contenido la cosa se complica.

In short, a perfect television for those who give more importance to a great image quality than to the "extras" that a television may have. The Panasonic 50EX780 is priced at 1,500 euros .

In addition to the 50-inch model that we have analyzed, we will have three other diagonals available: 58, 65 and 75 inches . The 65-inch model does not have a lifting stand, although it does rotate. The 75-inch model does not have the swivel and lift function.