Dyson AM05 Hot Cool, bladeless heating fan

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It's called AM05 Hot + Cool and it's the new bladeless heater and fan that the British firm Dyson has presented . The device is equipped with the highest technologies of this specialist company, but stands out for a basic characteristic: it has a built-in Dyson motor that will allow any room to be cooled or heated during the four seasons of the year. Ventilation mode provides the user with a constant and even stream of fresh air, while heating mode allows you to  select the ideal temperature on colder days. It is an ideal device to install in small offices or in rooms that do not have acentral heating or cooling service . It is also a clean and safe system compared to other conventional systems, since it does not have blades or visible thermal elements . Its sale price in Spain is 370 euros . You will find it from this month of May 2013 in any appliance store or authorized dealer.

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As you may have seen yourself through the images, the AM05 Hot + Cool is not just any device. It has a modern design that we could even label as  futuristic , because it leaves behind the format of the old and insecure fans of yesteryear. The new Dyson fan and heater is made of ABS plastic, a very strong material that is often used to make light but strong products. So much so that it is the material with which riot shields or motorcycle helmets are made . In addition, it is light and easy to transport everywhere: it barely weighs 2.5 kilos. We will find it in stores in a discreet black and nickel color, ideal for any room in the house or office.

Heating a room

The new AM05 Hot + Cool will help us to heat a room when it is colder outside thanks to its heating mode. You will see that it is a useful machine to use in small rooms (for example, before going to sleep, so that the room is warm; in the bathroom, before taking a shower; or in a small office or office, in the that the cold is usually noticed in a timely manner). The device has an intelligent thermostat that allows us to select a temperature between 1 and 37 degrees , to achieve exactly the environment we like or in which we feel comfortable to work, shower or go to rest. It is able to work automaticallymeasuring the degrees of the room and expelling air until detecting that the temperature that we had marked as ideal has already been reached. If a drop in temperature is observed , then the  Dyson AM05 will reactivate autonomously until it reaches the desired degrees again.

In heating mode and at maximum power, the Dyson appliance consumes 2,000W , although the consumption will always depend on the selected temperature. The more power we need, the more consumption it will have . However, it must be taken into account that it does not work constantly, since the appliance stops as soon as it reaches the desired temperature .

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Refresh a room

And we are going for its second most important function. This is the ventilation mode. The system uses Dyson's patented Air Multiplier technology , capable of expelling up to 28 liters of air per second through a very fine opening, just 2.5 millimeters, located in the rim. As you can see, it does not have blades. This makes the air blast much more stable, rather than generating those uncomfortable gusts that conventional bladed fans cause. In this case, the fan works through an innovative induction and drag system, in which the surrounding air is drawn into the air flow. The breeze generated by the machine is pleasant, constant and completely uniform .

One of its great advantages, with respect to the old fans, is that it does not have a single component that can be dangerous for people , but above all, for the smallest of the house. And it is that the team is not composed, in any case, by the dangerous blades that so worried the parents at that time: when there was not a single fan that did not have those cooling blades. Consumption, in ventilation mode , is 40W , even less than a light bulb.


Dyson is one of the companies that takes the most care of its technologies. In fact, more than 45 high-level engineers specializing in design , but also in other necessary disciplines such as fluid dynamics, motors and acoustics have worked in the design of this product . The result is a truly unique piece. One of the most important features of this Dyson AM05 is the Air Multiplier technology , patented by Dyson, which allows us to heat or cool the room evenly, spreading heat and cold air at a distance. The air it expels is accelerated thanks to a 2.5-millimeter opening, with the advantage of not having to have blades that rotate quickly and that can become very dangerous in the event of a fall or accidental contact . Both when it comes to dispersing hot air and fresh air, the flow is generated in a clean and smooth way . This way, the room heats up or cools down faster, without wasting energy at any time.

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Precise remote control

Fans of "everything under control" will really like this feature. And the Dyson AM05 allows you to heat or cool a room by adjusting the temperature degree by degree. In this way, if you feel comfortable with just 25 degrees, you can program it with total precision. But there is more. And it is that the piece reaches the market with an added remote control, from which you can turn the device on and off , adjust the temperature to your liking and control the oscillation and air flow that comes out through that narrow slot of just 2, 5 millimeters . If you don't want to take the controller with you everywhere or lose it on the road, you have the option ofStore it on top of the device , thanks to a comfortable magnet system that will allow you to store it and always find it in its place.

Safe and easy to clean

This is, without a doubt, one of the features that a great majority will appreciate the most. And is that thanks to the fact of having such a simple architecture, the Dyson AM05 becomes a very clean device. But we'll start with safety. Unlike conventional fans or heaters, this machine dispenses with the classic and dangerous blades . We all remember, as children, being alerted to the risk of putting your fingers between the fan blades.

With the Dyson AM05 you won't have to suffer for your little ones at home. You can leave them in the room with the device turned on because it does not have blades , nor thermal elements in sight that can burn. To this must be added that it is a completely stable piece, so there is no risk of falling, unless major causes coincide: accidental pushes or slips. Which always happens. In this case, we want to remind you that the Dyson AM05 has an ABS plastic housing that will protect it against shocks and possible damage.

Another drawback that disappears with the arrival of the Dyson AM05 is the burning smell that you always notice when you turn on a conventional heater. This unpleasant aroma is usually the product of dust that is stored in the radiant elements of the heaters. When the temperature exceeds 230ºC it burns and produces that peculiar smell. Well, with the new Dyson heater that does not happen, because it has PTC ceramic plates that can never exceed 200ºC. In addition, the format of the device will allow you to very easily clean each of its corners with a traditional cloth and without wasting an extra minute.

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Price and availability

The new Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool will go on sale in Spain from this month of May 2013 . Its recommended retail price is 370 euros , VAT included. If you are interested in getting it, you can go to the official Dyson website in our country. The brand offers each of its products from this same site, so that you can make the purchase in a more secure and direct way . Another interesting option is to get this product through any appliance store that has Dyson products or that is an authorized distributor, although in that case you will have to adjust to your ownsales timing . Dyson guarantees immediate availability starting in May .


We like Dyson products because the British firm always works hard with the most demanding technologies. One of the most noteworthy characteristics of this fan and heater is, without a doubt, its double ventilation and heating potential , but above all, the security that it is capable of offering the user. Firstly, because it is presented without blades and secondly, because it does not leave any thermal element in sight . Thanks to its prestigious Air Multiplier technology , in addition, the Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool is able to heat or cool a room quickly, without wasting energy unnecessarily andalways achieving the exact temperature that the user wants. If we had to put any fault, that would be the price. Dyson's technology is significantly more expensive than other brands that offer heaters or fans to use. In any case, it must be recognized that we are dealing with a special product: good, safe and durable that will appeal to the most demanding users and those who truly appreciate good technology, also in the home environment.