5 Bollywood movies to watch on Netflix

5 Bollywood movies to watch on Netflix

Although we are used to entering Netflix to get hooked on one series after another, we must not forget that the platform is also full of movies of all kinds.

Among the feature films that we can see on Netflix there is also a small selection of Bollywood movies . Films produced in the film industries of Mumbai, India, and shot in Hindi or English are given this term.

Netflix's offer for Bollywood lovers is not very wide, but it changes frequently . This means that you have to see the movies as soon as possible, in case they disappear after a few weeks. Although, on the other hand, it is an advantage that new titles are constantly appearing ...

Here we make a selection of five interesting Bollywood movies that you can watch on Netflix. You can enjoy them in their original version with subtitles .

1. Dear Zindagi, raising awareness about mental health

dear zindagi bollywood netflix

Dear Zindagi presents us the story of a film professional with little hope and an eccentric psychologist willing to revolutionize the way she sees the world. Although reading such an argument may seem that we are facing a love story, the essence of the film is very different.

The most valuable thing in history is the relevance given to the subject of mental health , in a funny film that invites us to reflect on diseases such as depression.

2. Udta Punjab, a stark portrait of a society tainted by heroin

udta punjab bollywood netflix

Through a mosaic of very different characters, we meet the harsh reality of gangs and drugs in an area of ​​the Indian state of Punjab . A rock singer, a woman in extreme poverty, a human trafficking plot and various supporting characters take our full attention.

It is a rather harsh film, which criticizes a totally corrupt police structure bought by drug mafias. And, of course, Udta Punjab shows the devastating social effects of heroin and other substance use.

3. Pink, a feminist struggle in a macho society

pink bollywood netflix

The protagonists of this story are three young women, roommates, who must face a very rich and powerful young man in court over a matter of physical assault and sexual violence .

In such a macho society, and with many characters spreading rumors about the dignity of the girls , the only one who comes to save them is a retired lawyer who decides to defend his case.

The story highlights many problems related to machismo , sexual assaults, and abuse of power by the wealthiest characters.

4. Talvar

talvar bollywood netflix

Actor Irrfan Khan stars in this Bollywood crime drama that depicts corruption and slovenliness at the top of the police and judicial system.

The protagonist will have to face a difficult case of double murder in a humble family , but the incompetence of some colleagues and rumors become very difficult obstacles to justice.

5. Airlift

airlift bollywood netflix

Airlift is inspired by a true story. When the Gulf War broke out in 1990, the almost 170,000 Indians residing in Kuwait began an extremely tough adventure to escape the country and reach their land safely.