5 add-ons for Gmail worth installing

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Google yesterday presented a very interesting new for Gmail. The Big G email service is used by many users and businesses. And although it is a very complete service, we missed (or missed) some features. Above all, focused on productivity. Luckily the new feature adds extras to improve productivity with the application. Now we can install add-ons directly in Gmail , so they can be used on any device, including your mobile. Google has a large list of categories, although at the moment, few services are added. We have tried all of them and we show you the five most interesting ones.


Trello Gmail

You may know Trello, an independent service that allows us to better organize our inbox . Now it integrates with Gmail as a plug-in, and can be used directly on any device, without the need to have the extension installed in Chrome. The application allows us to manage our email, as well as organize it and take important notes.

Starting to use Trello in Gmail is very simple, we just have to install the application from the option to install add-ons, and then a small icon will appear in the right area, in the case of Gmail for desktop, and in the lower area the case of Gmail for mobile. Remember that you have to have an email open. Once the icon is located, click on it and it will ask us to log in. We log in or register. Once registered, we can now use the service within Gmail. We have different categories and we can create boards and a task list to be organized.


DialPad Gmail

Another very interesting extension that we can find in Gmail is DialPad. It allows us to make video calls and send messages within the Google email service . The installation is similar to that of Trello. We just have to go to the accessories section and look for it in the list. We click install, accept permissions and that's it. Once installed, it will appear in the right area in the case of Gmail, and in the lower area in the case of the Android application. When you give it, you will ask us for authorization to connect with our account. From there, we can make video calls with other contacts, as well as send text messages.


Wrike Gmail

Wrike is a specific tool for group work. We can create, view and edit tasks with specific Gmail users. If, for example, you have to do group work, it is a very good option. You can edit this task, adding content, sharing with other users, marking them as complete etc . Wrike also has a payment option with unlimited options.

The download and installation is the same as for the other add-ons, we will only have to accept the permissions and access with our Google account.


This plugin is very similar to DialPad. In this case, it works as if we had a telephone within the email. We can save contacts, make calls or send SMS from the Gmail app itself or from the desktop version . In addition, we can see a call history and available contacts.

Sets up quickly with Gmail. The installation is done through the option to download add-ons, accepting permissions and connecting the service with our Google account.


Smartsheet Gmail

Finally, an option that allows us to track and organize emails and important data. Smartsheet is also an essential companion for your Gmail organization. Both in the desktop version and in the mobile application. With Smartsheet we can attach important files so we don't lose them. For example, certificates that we send repeatedly, etc. In this way, everything is more organized.

Installation is very simple. We add a complement and accept the use of the Google account. We check in and go.

How to view all available plugins

There is no doubt that Google will enhance this feature, entering Gsuite we see a multitude of categories to add add-ons to Gmail. At the moment, we only have eight add-ons available, but little by little, manufacturers will complement their services to be able to add them directly to Gmail.

Gmail add-ons

To see any add-on, we just have to go to the wheel that we find in the upper right, and look for the option to download add-on. Once a box appears with all the accessories, we can click on the box button and the arrow , in the upper right. There we will access all the available categories.

Apart from installing the add-ons, we can also remove them from that same page . Those that we have installed in Gmail will appear with a green tick, accompanied by three dots, which, if we press them, displays the option to remove the add-on.

We will see how this feature advances and the options that different developers are adding. Gmail is one of the best services for email, and with these options it becomes more and more alternatives for companies.