Pay TV in Spain: all offers and rates


Pay TV is still not very developed in our country. So much so, that in 2009 the number of users decreased significantly, contrary to what happened in Europe. Even so, the current offer is very varied. In Spain we have ADSL, cable or satellite operators , so that the user has the possibility to choose between several options , always taking into account the availability of this technology in each area . This article decipher the main offers of our country in various forms, as well as the corresponding tariffs and tips for choosing the appropriate option .

IPTV and WebTV operators


The Internet TV is one of the most exploited modalities. The Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is the name of the system by which the television signal is received , through a broadband connection and IP protocol . In our country, many operators offer this service together with the Internet connection. Examples of this are Imagenio, Orange TV or Jazztelia TV , all of them providers of broadband Internet services in Spanish homes and companies. Although the offerings are promising, one of the main problems that IPTV offers is coverage .

Unfortunately, the coverage of this technology is rather limited , being even behind the cable operators and satellite television being the only one that offers almost 100% coverage to all users in the country. The average price of Jazztelia TV and Orange TV in a promotional offer and including the ADSL service reaches a maximum of 35 euros , while the Telefónica option with Imagenio and 10MB Internet connection with a subscription to Gol Televisión included reaches 60 euros without VAT .

With regard to WebTV , there are several alternatives that allow us to watch live television through our computer and a good broadband connection . One of the most used platforms is Zatoo , a service that allows us to see up to 28 channels in Spain in the categories B asic (1 euro) and HiQ (1.75 euros) , both monthly subscription fees.

Cable operators


The coverage of cable operators is very correct within the areas in which they operate, although like the IPTV mode , it leaves much to be desired in terms of coverage. Among the main operators we can find ONO, Euskaltel, R and Telecable offering services that allow us to record channels and watch programming in high definition . Subject to the availability of each area, we will find offers that range between 40 and 50 euros , including broadband Internet connection and telephone line .

The average offer is 70 and 85 channels available between thematic and the most common , with the option of subscribing separately to platforms such as Gol TV for an additional annual price. The same happens with Iberalia (channel dedicated to documentaries) and PlayBoy , options that are only available if the operator has reached an agreement with the company or production company that offers it.

Satellite operators


Digital Plus is the main operator that works via satellite , as well as being the most expensive of the offers currently on the market. The Sogecable group offers various contracting modalities, the cheapest being 15 euros , although it includes the basic channels. The most expensive package called " Total Premium " costs 63 euros (VAT included) and consists of a total of 85 channels . All offers can be combined with the football channels and the corresponding Spanish league , as well as movies and cartoons .

The most interesting thing about Digital Plus , however, is its offer to view content in high definition . Currently this is an additional offer to any contract with Digital Plus , although it is necessary to buy the iPlus decoder (149 euros) and pay 3 euros more on the fee that we already have contracted. We can see up to 10 channels in a frankly interesting quality .



The pay DTT was approved during the month of August 2009 the Council of Ministers. Immediately afterwards, the Mediapro company (La Sexta's main shareholder) began broadcasting Gol TV , a channel that works through pay DTT and which brings together a large part of the football offer . Gol TV includes a wide range of matches of national and international interest for approximately 15 euros per month . The image quality of DTT is much higher than that offered through IPTV services, although it is clear that the price can limit the registrations of many users.

Photos by: Jinho Jung, prismatico and wilhei55