So are the Samsung Addwash washing machines of 2017

In Samsung they have studied the patterns of use of the washing machine in Spanish homes. And no, the result is not encouraging. The men remain minority when handling this appliance. Machismo, lack of knowledge, lack of time? The solution is to make the procedure easier, and that is why they have updated their Addwash family of washing machines this 2017. We present them to you in this video.

Apparently, according to the Samsung study, only three out of ten men do laundry in Spanish homes. At least on a regular basis. There is a clear imbalance in housework. But the laundry shouldn't be. For this, Samsung already has 10 different models of Addwash washing machines ranging from 520 to 1,000 euros depending on their load capacity. All of them standing out for the system that gives them their name. A technology that allows garments to be added at any stage of the wash in case they have been forgotten.

Addwash washers

These are appliances that work with Eco Bubble technology in their wash cycles. This means having tiny bubbles that help detergent to penetrate all kinds of fabrics more easily. Thus, even with cold washes, the result is more effective. And what is more important, more efficient, since it is not necessary to wash in hot water. Of course, they have all kinds of cleaning modes and programs, thinking about all the garments and fabrics that we use.

Another advantage of Addwash washers is their intelligence. They can connect to the Internet at home. In this way, and from the Samsung Smart Washer application, we can control the process from the mobile. We can even schedule the laundry to come home and find the laundry done . You can also see which stage of the process the washing machine is in to add new clothes through its door.

Equality at home

Samsung has also developed an application to accompany the launch of its Addwash washing machines in 2017. It is called Samsung Equal HouseWork, and it is a curious bet to see how washing machines are used in Spanish homes. This application is intended for couples. Thus, each user has to create a profile and link to her partner. From here you just have to access the application and press the button every time you do a laundry .

At the end, the application counts the activity to see who has missed the task . In addition, it has information from different autonomous communities to see what the war of the sexes is like.

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So are the Samsung Addwash washing machines of 2017