Flickr, this is the new Yahoo photo service


Yahoo has decided to do a big facelift for its Flickr photo social network . Since its purchase by the Internet company, the service had fallen into a continuous decline that had brought it closer to the abyss. Over the past year, Yahoo made a series of decisions that could suggest a sale, such as laying off more than 10% of the workforce or the disappearance of various characteristics. However, the company's engineers have worked during this time to redesign the service and try to refloat this network that became enormously popular. We tell you our impressions about the new Flickr .

One of the first things that attracts attention from Flickr is the increase in available space. From now on, users will have 1 TB of space to upload their personal photos. This huge space given to more than 430,000 photographs with a resolution of 8 Megapixels . Once we enter the Flickr page , the first change that stands out is the distribution of the elements on the screen. In general, the white spaces on the page have been reduced to the maximum and high-resolution photographs have been introduced both in the recommendations of friends and in the different pages of the social network.


In this way, a more attractive environment is created than that achieved through the image thumbnails of the previous design. Of course, the excess of color can be heavy at times and generate a feeling of "disaster box". Once we have added our photos, we will have three main tabs within our personal page. The first one is the "Gallery" option , which shows the photographs that we have uploaded to the web. The second one is the option to create albumsof photos with which to organize our snapshots. The third option is to view our favorite photographs. Now we can edit a top image where our name appears (in a similar way to the Facebook profile photo ).

In the field of contacts, the possibility of displaying five photos for each contact (their most recent five photos) in the form of a gallery stands out. One of the functions of Flickr we have drawn attention is that of making "expos" photographs . These are personalized collections of photographs that can be chosen from the snapshots that have most caught our attention within the network. These expos are accessible by all Flickr users . To start creating an expo, just go to a photo or video and choose the option "Add to an expo" within the actions . Another attractive feature on Flickris the option to open a world map to see geotagged images within any part of the globe.

Also noteworthy is the improvement in the tool to upload photos, with a more intuitive and attractive design. To upload images, simply drag them from the browser to the upload page or choose them manually. In short, Flickr has taken an important step forward in its design and in the attractiveness of the network, although the bet to show high resolution images can be counterproductive in the case of not having a fast connection. What do you think of the new Flickr design?