Delays at Amazon, what can I do if the order has not arrived on time?

Delays at Amazon, what can I do if the order has not arrived on time?

Amazon works. And it works reasonably well. For some time now, we have become accustomed to making a large part of our purchases in the largest Internet store . In fact, the company offers its customers the possibility of acquiring Amazon Prime.

What does this mean? Well, they can pay an annual extra to receive their purchases earlier and forget about shipping costs . This can be really useful for those who buy items very often and do not want to wait to buy multiple things, just to save shipping costs.

Subscription to Amazon Prime costs 20 euros per year . And one of its main advantages has to do with the possibility of receiving up to two million articles in 24 hours for free. To do this, you have to look at whether the item has the indication of guaranteed delivery.

But what if you bought an Amazon Prime guaranteed delivery item and you don't receive it on time? This can happen: it is more frequent than you imagine. But do you know what you have to do in this case?

What to do when delays occur at Amazon

Why are there delays at Amazon?

First of all, you must make sure that, indeed, you have contracted Amazon Prime. If so, you will be able to see it within your user area, because a box will appear with information about your subscription. There you will also have the option of checking other details, such as its characteristics and duration .

Second, you have to see if the item you are purchasing is guaranteed to be delivered. You will see that the item has the Prime logo and also, you are offered a delivery date as close as tomorrow . Or, if there are holidays or a weekend in between, the next business day.

amazon guaranteed delivery

If everything works as it should, in principle you should not have any problem receiving your package on the indicated day. But if it doesn't, you will most likely receive an email from Amazon explaining the problem. 

From now on, you will have no choice but to wait. Amazon gives you a couple of options, in case you no longer want the order: the first, return it to the dealer as soon as it arrives. The second, follow the normal return procedure. If you still keep it, know that you have the option to claim. 

amazon mail

How to complain about orders with delays on Amazon

The fastest way to claim is undoubtedly the telephone. You can call the following customer service numbers. It is the most agile way to solve your problem at the moment. Also, after the conversation, you will receive the resolution to your problem in writing.

These are the phone numbers you can call to speak to Amazon customer support. P ou can contact them Monday to Sunday from 06:00 to 24:00 hours:

  • +34 900 803 711

  • +34 800 810 251

  • +34 91 123 04 13

If you have contracted Amazon Prime, you should know that you must have received the order within the indicated period. If not, you have the right to file a claim by phone . In our case, we have received a couple of compensations for each of these failures. The first, a five euro discount that was automatically deducted from our next purchase; the second, a free month of subscription to Amazon Prime.

On both occasions, the customer service system was completely correct and the offer was direct from the customer service agents. The offsets were seamlessly activated on our Amazon account, so we enjoyed them pretty much instantly.

This is not, however, an indication that Amazon makes when it announces the unavailability of the order, so it is necessary that you make the effort to call to file your complaint.