The funniest GIFs of the week to share on WhatsApp


A new week begins, and we could not miss GIFs , those moving images that we like so much and make us laugh so much (sometimes). Since WhatsApp allows us to send .GIF files in our conversations, life has become much easier for some people. GIFs are always good to express any emotion, and from time to time, send a few hints. What better way to take advantage of the great events we have had this weekend, Super Bowl , Super Bowl announcements, Lady Gaga show in the Super Bowl and much more, these are the ten best GIFs to share on WhatsApp.

To be able to save the GIFs in this list and share it through WhatsApp , you have to click on the one below each GIF, hold down the image and download the file. once downloaded, go to WhatsApp and open the option to send images, once inside, go to the section that says GIF. If you prefer, you can also share this article.

I must go, my planet needs me

Lady gaga salyo

Lady Gaga's performance in the Super Bowl has left us many unforgettable moments, this is one of them. This GIF is multipurpose, it can be used for any occasion.

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When you can't wait until October for the second season of Stranger Things

Stranger things

Netflix has already announced the second season of Stranger Things, it seems that until Halloween this year (October) there will be no premiere of the second season. It was rumored that by May or June it could come out, but in the end it has not been like that.

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When you want to get out of bed, but the bed always wins

GIF lift

Getting up early is very hard, and it seems that this dancer was sleepy, very sleepy. This GIF is one of the most original that we can send to express our fatigue.

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When they leave you the 'seen' in WhatsApp

The funniest GIFs of the week to share on WhatsApp 1

Many users are released when they leave the dreaded Blue Check , this GIF represents it perfectly

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When the WhatsApp call is hard to hear

The funniest GIFs of the week to share on WhatsApp 2

The calls WhatsApp are one of the best features of the application, but sometimes fail because of the connection. If you have a contact who does not stop making calls and this problem happens, send him this GIF, he will understand you.

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When there is a fight in a WhatsApp group

To bite

Who has not been in a WhatsApp group , and suddenly, several people start fighting. Face it, you also stare at the conversation, the jabs, and from time to time, you write a message for the fight to continue.

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I'm back

I'm back

Perfect to use when you re-enter WhatsApp after charging your mobile, when you take it off or in any other circumstance.

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Lady gaga jump

Lady Gaga

This GIF is ideal when you want to end a conversation. It can also be complemented with the fight in WhatsApp groups or discussions, or when you want to get out of a group in style.

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When is friday


Perfect GIF to use on weekends.

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When you mess it up in conversation


Soon, WhatsApp may allow edited messages to be modified, but for now, this GIF will help you express yourself when you send the wrong message.

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