OwlKitty, the Instagram cat who stars in mythical scenes from movies and series


When you have a cat, you never know where the creature is going to come out . Most of the time they are surly and independent, but in others, and contrary to what this species usually promises, they become man's best friend, in the sense that they are more faithful than a lapdog.

But that a cat turns out to be a movie star is something that no one can imagine . No one other than the owner of this kitten named Lizzy, who is dedicated to making cameos in the best Hollywood movies. So spectacular are her performances that the cat has become the new sensation of Instagram.

Lizzy's account, which is Owl Kitty, has nothing more and nothing less than 445,000 million followers at the moment, all eager to see the next performances of the feline. But why does she like this cat so much? What has her owner done to make her a true influencer ?


Lizzy, the artist cat

That this cat has become a sought-after Instagram artist is not, in reality, the responsibility of the cat herself, but of her master. The fault lies with Tibo Charroppin , animator and filmmaker, who has proposed to involve his cat Lizzy in a lot of scenes from mythical films.

The cat has become the sensation of the networks, after starring as the main star in films such as The Shining, Jurassik Park, Titanic or even emerging in Game of Thrones.


In order for the cat to appear in the scenes, Charroppin has worked intensively, making use of all the techniques and skills that he possesses in the field of video editing . For the recordings, the technician has used a chroma background and has trained the kitten to jump, hit and scratch as many times as necessary, in order to synchronize perfectly with the characters and real scenes of the film. The results are really good, so after the triumph, the owner of this kitten did not hesitate to put more into work to make more content and amuse her audience.


It all started with an innocent video: and it got out of hand

The Owl Kitty account and this viral phenomenon started like almost all of these things, without the intention of pleasing millions and millions of people. Actually Tibo Charroppin and Olivia, his partner,  started creating joke videos to laugh with their friends.

Realizing that they were indeed funny, Charroppin decided to really create and share all the cameos of his cat Lizzy on social networks and specifically, on Instagram. There is, however, another purpose that they pursue with their partner Olivia. And it is to show the world that adopted cats (this is also the case with Lizzy) can be wonderful stars. Lizzy is proof of that.

If you liked it, all you have to do now is become a follower of this account. Here you can review all the premieres in which Lizzy has appeared and enjoy her performances. In addition, you will be able to be up to date every time the kitten comes out on stage again.

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