▷ Wish customer service: phone, contact and support email

Is it reliable to buy on Wish?  3 reasons why yes and 4 reasons why not

Wish is one of the largest e-commerce platforms on the planet. Together with Aliexpress, it forms one of the largest Chinese import conglomerates of our time. Like any platform with a certain impact, the company has a customer service designed to resolve incidents that application users may have. This time we have compiled a compilation of all the contact channels of Wish customer service to communicate with the company in a simple way.

Is it reliable to buy on Wish? 3 reasons why yes and 4 reasons why not

Application options (customer service and order complaint)

Although Wish has different contact channels, managing incidents from the application itself is the most recommended option to receive support from the company. From the official application for iOS and Android we can use two ways: online customer service and direct claim of orders .

customer attention wish

Online customer service.

We can access the first one through the Customer Service section in the side menu. It is worth saying that this option will enable a bot that will answer some of the most frequently asked questions; in no case will we get support from a real person . To access the order claim we will have to go to the Order History section to open a dispute with the item we want to claim.

Wish customer service number

The company, based in the United States, has a Call Center that we can use to resolve any incident. Being a US-based company, support is provided in English through a Delaware number . The number in question is as follows:

  • 1-800-266-0172

As it is an international call, the price per minute may vary depending on our rate . From tuexperto.com we recommend you consult the contract conditions to know the cost of the call to the United States.

Wish support email

If we want to contact Wish by email, we can do so through the company's public address, which is provided through the following email:

Although the support is compatible with any language, from tuexperto.com we recommend making inquiries in English . After all, customer service will call on online translators to answer our query as quickly as possible.

Wish social media (Twitter)

Social media is the last avenue we can turn to for Wish support. Although the company has a presence on several networks, it only offers support through its Twitter support account , which we can access from the following address:

Tweets by wishsupport

Again we will have to use English to receive account support . To translate the responses we can use the native Twitter translator that the platform has.

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