Complete guide to sell your antiques and collectibles at todocoleccion


In these difficult days of confinement, many have managed to have something to do at home. An interesting activity can be cleaning, for example. Going up to the attic, going down to the basement, or sifting through your storage room to throw away items you no longer use in the trash… Or, Eureka! Discover that there are things you can sell online to get extra money .

For that are the pages where you can put ads and sell what no longer interests you. But what happens when the pieces in your hands are antiques or are much more valuable than those deck chairs that no longer interest you? Well, in this case, you can choose to connect to

This is a page where antiques, art objects, books and other collectibles are sold . Difficult to find or exclusive pieces, from which as a seller you can get a lot - but a lot - profit. If you have never used, below we will tell you how the service works, how much it costs and what the general conditions are.

Complete guide to sell your antiques and collectibles at todocoleccion 1

How does work?

Lets start by the beginning. What is for and how can it help me when it comes to selling the relics or collectibles that I have at home? Well, we have already indicated that this is a website that is dedicated specifically to selling items of this scope .

You will see that the web works the same as any other ad page, so if you have ever used one of these, surely you will not have any problem. As soon as you enter, you will have access to an interesting classification of articles , among which you can find: Art, Jewelry, Cars and motorcycles, Fountain pens and pens, Radios and gramophones, Watches, Cameras, Toys, Books, Discs, Postcards and even articles of a Military nature, among others.

You can sell, you can buy and you can also participate in auctions. There are auctions of paintings, watches, furniture, religious articles, books, dolls, toys ... Be that as it may, if you want to sell, you will have to register as a user. It's free and it won't take too long. 

How to register at

Click on the access button, located in the upper right part of the screen. If you are not registered, all you have to do is click on Register. Here, as in any other portal, you will need to enter your email address. You will then receive a message to your mailbox, from which you must confirm your registration. And ready. From now on you can explore all the sections more freely and, of course, publish ads. 

Complete guide to sell your antiques and collectibles in todocoleccion 2

The following will be to request registration as a seller. If you register you will not be able to sell. Access Sales and then a form will open in which you will have to enter a series of personal data: Name and surname, DNI / CIF / NIE, Address, Town, Postal Code, Province, Country, Email, Mobile phone and Landline phone. You will also have to indicate if you are a Private Individual or a Professional.

You will then receive a seller code to your mobile phone in the form of SMS. Enter it in the indicated box and click the Activate button. Next, the system will ask you to attach a photo of your identity document. You must photograph it or scan it on both sides and upload it.

When you have done it, you will have to pay the registration fee. It is a single payment of 12.10 euros , which you will have to pay when you register as a seller. You can pay by credit card, by bank transfer or through PayPal. This amount is non-refundable, so if you later backed out or simply did not publish an advertisement, the refund would not be accepted.


How an ad is published

Here they are called lots. The first thing will be to register as a seller, as we have indicated. And then you can upload the ads you want. You have to access the For sale tab and select Upload new lot . Please note that if you have not completed the registration process, you will not have the option to post any ads.

The advertisement must contain all the basic information of the "lot":

  • A clear and concise title, with a short but detailed description
  • The sale price (either through direct sale or auction)
  • A main photograph (can also be a video)

You can upload as many ads as you want. And from there, with the published ads, you have the option to manage them. Also by accessing the section For sale> Lot management . On the published announcements of the lots you will be able to make the modifications that you consider appropriate over time and for the duration of the publication.

Sellers, especially the most professional ones, have in this menu different options to manage the lots. Tools to apply discounts or launch auctions. From the same sales section you can respond to potential buyers and monitor the level of interest in each of the lots.

How much does it cost to place an ad?

As we have indicated, to publish ads on you have to register as a seller and for this, you must pay a one-time registration fee of 10 euros. However, if you want to promote your ads so that they reach more people, you have two different options:

  • Featured . An option that will allow you to highlight your ads above others. The cost is 0.40 cents a day or 0.20 cents, if you have a store.
  • Email Marketing . Especially focused on professionals, Email Marketing offers the possibility of mass mailing to users who may be interested from 5 euros. In this case, it is best to consult the possibilities and rates.

Do I have to pay some kind of commission for sales?

The answer is yes. If you sell on, you will have to contribute a percentage of the sales . As detailed on their own page, these are the commissions, according to the price of the lot sold:

  • Up to 300 euros (7.75%)
  • From 301 to 500 euros (6%)
  • From 501 to 1,000 euros (4%)
  • More than 1,000 euros (3%)

In the Standard Store mode, a fee of 65 euros / month and a commission of 4% are paid. In the Pro Store, 150 euros / month are paid and the commission is 3%. Finally, the Platinum Store costs 250 euros / month and the commission is reduced to 2%. If you need more information about it, you can access here.

What are the shipping options?

The shipping conditions are chosen directly by the seller. If you are thinking of buying, you will need to talk to him. In any case, in these cases it is always advisable to read the full ad, because its description usually indicates how the shipment will be made, if it will have an added cost or if costs will be shared. Then, depending on the item and its conditions, you may be able to negotiate specific shipping conditions, including management costs.