Gigaset A150, a landline phone with vintage design

Gigaset A150

The Gigaset brand has presented a new landline phone, the Gigaset A150 , with a vintage design and intuitive use to make it easy to use even for the little ones. The device also offers high-quality sound and balanced features for a price of 22 euros .

A vintage phone for all ages

The Gigaset A150 landline phone has a 1.4-inch illuminated graphic display and stands out for its vintage design with rounded lines. It is a robust device that offers intuitive handling to facilitate the use of the smallest of the house.

One of its strengths is its autonomy, since the Gigaset A150 offers more than 200 hours of standby or up to 18 hours of conversation.

In the device we can find an address book with a storage capacity of 50 contacts, and it can be configured to activate caller identification. The last 10 numbers are recorded in the redial section , and it is also possible to access a list of the 25 most recent missed calls .

For the sound, you can choose between 5 volume levels and 10 ringtones , as well as a specific ringtone for internal calls, which allows you to easily distinguish whether it is a call from outside or internal communication with other landlines from home. As an extra attraction, it is worth mentioning that on the phone you can also set an alarm with the melody you choose.

To avoid surprises in the bill if we let the smallest of the house use it, the keyboard can be locked with the # key. The keyboard also offers other interesting options, such as activating or deactivating the ringtone with the * key. The phone menu is available in 24 languages ​​and navigation is done with the context keys.

Other details of the Gigaset A150 landline phone

Gigaset A150

This terminal is a Plug & Play type device , so it works wirelessly and recharges the battery connected to the base. The installation process is simple because it is only necessary to remove the phone from its packaging and connect it directly to the network.

The coverage covers up to 50 meters indoors and up to 300 meters outdoors , and facilitates communication in especially large homes because up to four terminals can be registered in the same base station. On the other hand, it is possible to establish two simultaneous calls (one internal and one external) and even a multiple conference with three parties (two internal and one external).

Leaving the phone disconnected from the base, the battery offers a range of more than 200 hours in standby or up to 18 hours in conversation . The Gigaset A150 incorporates ECO DECT technology , which offers up to 60% energy savings compared to other telephones of this type because it uses a low consumption switching power supply.

The ECO mode also offers the user the option of manually reducing the transmission power by up to 80%, and it is even possible to activate ECO Plus to reduce the power by 100% at the base station.

Price and availability

The Gigaset A150 landline phone is classic in style and is available in white or black. In Spain it is already on sale for a price of 22 euros.

The Gigaset brand has other devices on the market to adapt to different user needs: the Gigaset S850 , for example, is a terminal with more functions and connectivity via Bluetooth and microUSB .

For the office, the Gigaset Maxwell 10 , a touchscreen IP phone , is also available .