Berserk and the Band of the Hawk, now available on PC and PlayStation 4

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk, an action game faithful to anime

Berserk followers already have an excuse to review the history of Guts and his adventures. They can do it through the game Berserk and the Band of the Hawk, now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PC . A title in which to review the most important plot arcs of Berserk anime and manga, but with a much more interactive and gore touch. And it is that Omega Force has been in charge of its development, paying close attention to the Warrior saga, and adopting its mechanics to the Berserk universe.

This is an action game in which you play with a hero from the aforementioned comic and defeat enemy hordes. From demons and dark beings of the underworld, to flesh and blood enemies in all kinds of battles and war sieges. Of course, reviewing the most emblematic moments of the saga for the enjoyment of the fans. An adventure that is fun and exciting on par with gore.

One against thousands

Following the scheme of the Warriors franchise we find a game in which you control a single character in the third person. At first it will be the protagonist of the series and the comics, Guts, although Griffith, Casca and the rest of the Band of the Hawk are soon added. The grace is that you have to fight against hundreds of enemies at the same time . In fact, in our experience, it only took about 10 minutes of play to unlock the 1,000 defeated enemies achievement. Epic battles in which the superiority of the main character does not end up unbalancing the game, but defines it. And it is that giving controls left and right is really fun and de-stressing.

Of course, there are enemies of different kinds and types , with more potential than most. Something that increases the challenge in the game. But it's the final bosses who really cap the title with an epic showdown and a much more level challenge.

Different game modes

Berserk fans will not hesitate to play story mode if they want to review what are the moments captured in the video game. The title begins with the Golden Age , but presents battles and events from other series and stages in the history of Guts and Casca. All this framed with cinematographic scenes that go from the pure anime to the game, so that nobody is lost.

There are also two more game modes. On the one hand there is free play, to review some scenario and return to face the objectives of these scenarios. And on the other hand there is the Infinite Eclipse mode . In this case, no plot thread guides the action, but rather all kinds of increasingly difficult missions are proposed for those players who want to face a challenge.

A title for fans

Without a doubt Omega Force has fulfilled for the enjoyment of the followers of Berserk. This is a fun game where action and frantically pressing buttons become the general mechanics. All this to show some of the most epic and remarkable battles of the saga.

berserk Guts in action

Graphically it is no wonder. Try to be faithful to the comic by posing a certain cel shading effect that manages to simulate the drawing finish . But it is in the animations and in the gore component where you notice more detail. It is not a game for children, and it is made clear from the introduction as a summary of the title.

The title has a certain RPG component , and offers rewards and unlockables for those who wish to scrutinize every corner of the mapping, discover all the secrets or find a real challenge during the development of the story mode. As a negative point, it must be said that the title is in English if we are talking about texts. But he keeps the voices and dialogues in Japanese.

The title Berserk and the Band od the Hawk can now be purchased in physical and digital format for 60 euros at its suggested retail price.