Very original gifts that you can find on Amazon for less than 50 euros

vinyl for fridge

Amazon is a meta mall. An infinite database where you can find practically everything . From products of few cents to frivolities of tens of thousands of euros. An unbeatable place to find extremely original gifts for those friends to whom you don't know what to give every time their birthday arrives. That is why we leave you a compilation of the best you can give without leaving home ...

Stickers for refrigerators

The thing about putting magnets with the places of your vacation is very twentieth century . If you want to have a cool fridge, buy it a vinyl that draws attention and stands out. The best thing would be to not even ask for permission and put it on directly ...

Mobile projector

Your friend is an old-school movie buff, the kind who enjoys large-format cinema but can't afford a projector (and neither can you) this is one of the best options you'll find on the market. A cardboard projector that you can find between 20 and 30 euros and that projects the screen of the mobile phone in a large format. It is also useful for her to give you the badge with the hundreds of photographs of her travels. Be careful because it does not usually include the glue for its assembly.



Is your friend so hooked on technology gadgets that he falls asleep hugging the iPad? Well, do not worry because someone has already been in charge of investing something so that they remain hooked on technology while they sleep. It responds to the name of sleepphones and is a hybrid between earplugs and headphones to put on relaxing music or your favorite radio program. It works with a battery and connects to the smartphone or mobile device through a minijack cable. That is its drawback, that wireless technology has not yet reached this market niche. Let's hope he doesn't strangle himself sleeping ...

Power up, an engine for paper airplanes

Little more to add to the title. If you are a lover of paper-based airplanes but can't get them to glide for more than a couple of seconds before hitting the ground dramatically, know that someone has invested in R&D just for you. A small, simple and light instrument with which a small paper airplane will fly and fly until its small rechargeable battery runs out.

Photo lens shaped mug

The perfect gift for that friend who loves photography and that will not cost you even ten euros. On Amazon you have a good handful to choose from. Canon or Nikon. Large small and flattened angles to large lenses that you can use as a thermos.

target cup

Coat rack-skyline

For that hyper urban roommate who loves cities and very tall buildings. A skyline that with a little imagination can be that of New York, Chicago or Shanghai. It also gives that point of order to the house without losing a design. For twenty euros another superb and original gift.

Rubik's Cube Lamp

Versatility to power with this lamp that not only simulates a Rubik's cube but is also a Rubik's cube. If you get bored, you will always have this universal pastime with which you can play as a family thanks to its size . And at the same time a lamp that can change shape almost indefinitely.

A drone for princesses

If you want to introduce your daughter to the world of flying machines and maintain the link with the world of the Disney princesses, you should know that there is already more than one drone on the market that combines both concepts. Drones for children, short-haul and with images of princesses. If you are a little patient you will see how the Amazon market is flooded with new models.

rubik's cube lamp

Game of Thrones wall clock

At the moment, you cannot escape one of the series with the most followers in television history. In true Star Wars style, Game of Thrones paraphernalia is conquering every corner of the geek's home. These watches from the reborn Stark family have a place in our hearts.

Marvel 3D Lamp

More products for frikazos and frikazas. Lamp in three dimensions with which to set any room that deserves it . Hulk, Ironman, Spiderman, Captain America… You have a lot of superheroes to choose from. A mini world in which every day we can find new models inspired by Disney characters or ships from Star Wars.

Tetris lamps

If leaving the world of lighting and taking up one of the most mythical and classic video games ever. A lamp created from multiple pieces that, in the image and likeness of the game, allows the pieces to be moved and exchanged, having the possibility that every day we have a new design on the table. And also a bet loaded with color for our living room or bedside table.

tetris lamp

Paper food bag

Are you one of those who has grown up watching American movies in which their protagonists carry their lunch in paper bags whose existence you have never been able to verify? Well, give yourself the gift of carrying your red apple and your peanut butter sandwich in a bag like in any Hollywood movie worth its salt. Don't think it's a three-to-fourth cannon fodder from the garbage can. It is a thermal bag that simulates paper that has an internal aluminum coating.

The hanger clamp

We return to the small micro cosmos of the coat racks with another model whose functionality does not shine at first glance but which has a brutal utility. And it is that who has not left something important when leaving home. And who does not have a somewhat pizpireto colleague who has his head furnished in that way. Well, a little coat hook with a clip on top to place the relevant documents is a real problem solver.

Envelope shaped tablet sleeve

Today all the technological elements seem to be incomplete if they do not come with their cover. The world to protect our valuable and expensive artifacts lets the imagination run wild and there is practically nothing that does not exist in holster mode. Of the thousands and millions of formats that we cannot find in a virtual tour of Amazon, we are left with the format of an envelope ... Let's hope they do not send it by mail by mistake.

cover on tablet

Alarm clock with wheels

Like in a dystopian nightmare, the alarm clock will now follow you around the house reminding you that you have to hurry, that you are late. Resounding as it slips out of your control and hides under the bed. One of those gifts that are more of a nuisance than a favor.

Jedi bathrobe

We cannot close this list without a powerful nod to Star Wars. Star Wars is the greatest marketing factory in history. And if something is missing, we assume that it is your Jedi albonoz with the Obi Wan Kenobi walking around your house like a lord.

Giant pizza beach towel

And we close the list with a great gift. A one and a half meter diameter piece of pizza shaped and shaped like pizza. With various formats available: pepperoni, peppers ...

beach towel pizza