My experience after a month with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

My experience after a month with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Seal

More than a month with this smartphone goes a long way. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is probably the most powerful proposition of the year . A team that stands out from the rest with its 6.4-inch screen and its S-Pen optical pen. But that also brings us a first-rate technical set, with an eight-core Exynos processor and 8 GB RAM in its most advanced version.

I also want to highlight the improvement experienced by the autonomy of the Note , one of the most weak points in the Galaxy Note 8. In the photographic section, there are few buts. We are facing a camera capable of working wonders in low-light scenes . In addition, the second objective allows us to take photos with a 2x zoom without losing definition. It is one of the characteristics that have given me the most game over these weeks.

samsung galaxy note 8 detail second camera

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a second lens that allows you to zoom at two times without losing quality

Samsung markets the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in two different versions. The basic configuration goes up to 1,010 euros and combines 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory . The most advanced version raises the RAM to 8 GB and takes the internal memory up to 512 GB (almost nothing). Of course, its price also grows to 1,260 euros, an investment that is not easy to justify.

These are my impressions after having fiddled with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as a regular mobile during the last month.

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Data sheet Samsung Galaxy Note 9

screen6.4-inch Dual Edge Super AMOLED panel, Quad HD + resolution of 2960 x 1440 pixels
Main chamberDual camera:

12 MP sensor with variable aperture f / 1.5-2.4, OIS, Dual Pixel focus

Telephoto sensor with 12 MP and aperture f / 2.4, OIS

4K UHD video at 60fps and 960fps slow motion

Camera for selfies8 megapixel AF, f / 1.7, Full HD video
Internal memory128 or 512 GB
ExtensionmicroSD up to 512GB
Processor and RAMExynos 9810  10nm, 64-bit eight-core, 6 or 8 GB RAM
Battery4,000 mAh with fast charging and fast wireless charging
Operating systemAndroid 8.1 Oreo + Samsung Touchwiz
ConnectionsBT 5.0, GPS, USB Type-C, NFC, Dual-band 802.11ac WiFi
DesignMetal frame and glass back, IP68 certified, fingerprint reader. Colors: black, blue and purple
Dimensions161.9 x 76.4 x 8.8 mm, 201 grams
Featured FeaturesS Pen with new features

Compatible with Samsung DeX

Release dateAvailable
Price6 GB + 128 GB: 1,010 euros

8 GB + 512 GB: 1,260 euros

Excellent display ... But dangerously large

Where is the limit? Today is a difficult answer to answer. And I would not dare to put my hand on the fire after even Apple has put a 6.5-inch mobile (the iPhone Xs Max) on the market.

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, we have 6.4 inches in a body in which the frames have been reduced to the maximum. But still, it's still a pretty big gadget to carry one hand. In the end I have gotten used to it without problems, but I have the feeling that the ideal size for me (I have big hands) is the Samsung Galaxy S9 + and its 6.2 inches.

It must also be said that the Note 9 bets on a more square design than its smaller brothers. The bezels are rounded but the grip feel is not the same. On the contrary, it also gives it a more serious and professional touch.

If large screens are not a problem for you, you are going to enjoy the best that the market can offer today. Its 6.4-inch Super AMOLED panel occupies almost the entire front and has a maximum resolution of 2,960 x 1,440 pixels.

note 9 grip hand

The Note 9 is not an easy mobile to hold and work with one hand

The infinite screen format still faces us with some problems when we are watching video or movies, since it forces us to choose between zooming (and losing some of the image) or cropping useful screen space . Honestly, at this point I hardly realize this choice. There are more and more apps that take advantage of all the space, and the Note also has a panel large enough not to suffer from the space cut.

Earlier he had named the resolution. Something you have to keep in mind about this mobile is that the default resolution shown is Full HD + . If you want to take advantage of its full potential, you will have to change the value within the Note settings. In my case, I tested for a few days in Full HD + and the following days in Quad HD + and the truth is that the change is barely perceptible .

To be honest, with the size of mobile screens we have, it gives the impression that uploading them beyond Full HD and especially 2K is a matter of marketing rather than a real need. What is key are other aspects of the image. The brightness and color reproduction. In both cases, the Note 9 delivers outstanding. And with the advantage that Super AMOLED panels use less energy than traditional LCD panels.

samsung galaxy note 9 video youtube

The brightness and color reproduction of the Note 9's screen is excellent

Yes it is true that colors can tend to be somewhat oversaturated, but personally I like this touch of spectacularity (especially when watching movies or series). In the brightness section it is possible to see the contents of the mobile even under the impact of sunlight. In fact, it can be counterproductive to have it near the maximum if it is not at specific times. The automatic brightness works very well and is pretty quick to capture the ambient light and adjust the brightness.

By the way, following the tradition of the previous models of the firm, the screen is curved on both sides. The reason? Get a more immersive experience when you watch the contents of the smartphone. The truth is that although it is not seen as a fundamental difference, I have noticed the change when watching a video on a screen without curves.

rear camera note 9

Note rear dual camera view

Two cameras with superb results

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 follows the trend of placing a double camera on the back of the camera. For what? In each case and manufacturer, the advantages sought are different. The Note combines a "normal" camera and another with a telephoto lens . The purpose of this second camera is to offer us a two-fold zoom without loss of quality.

At first it may seem like a less attractive choice than other options on the market, such as a wide-angle camera (LG case) or a monochrome lens for black and white photos (Huawei case). But the great virtue of this camera is discovered with day-to-day use. When it comes to photographing distant monuments, to compose a scene with another person and a building behind, to bring something closer to which you cannot get close naturally ... Or, precisely, to avoid having to move too much to find the perfect frame .

rear camera box note 9

The main camera has a dual aperture of F / 1.5 and F / 2.4

The telephoto lens has become one of the great joys of the camera section during my Note test. By the way, it is a sensor with a resolution of 12 megapixels and an aperture of f / 2.4. Of course, you have to keep in mind that it is designed to be used in decent light conditions. In case you want to take photos in low light conditions, it is better to have the main camera.

This camera also has a 12 megapixel resolution. But its "magic" is in the dual aperture function. What this technology does is vary the aperture depending on whether we are facing a scene with good light (f / 2.4) or a scene in the dark (f / 1.5). And this is where the Samsung Galaxy Note 9's camera becomes most spectacular. The results achieved in low-light scenes are really good . The camera is able to collect light from where it doesn't seem to be. The only but comes when we have to play with lights within said scene. In that case, it costs more to get a natural photo without burned parts. But ultimately, one of the strengths that can make you fall in love with this Galaxy.

camera note 9 zoom x2

Not all are advantages of having a second telephoto lens

Returning to the telephoto sensor, not everything is advantageous. One of the sought after features with dual camera setups is bokeh mode (Samsung calls this dynamic focus). You've probably heard of it ad nauseam like this. It consists of creating blur effects in the background or foreground .

The problem with the Note's cameras is that to create this effect you have to have the object or the person at a specific distance, about a meter and a half from where you have the mobile. That takes a lot of comfort when taking these photos, to the point that it has been one of the modes that I have least enjoyed. What I did like a lot is that once the photo is taken you can edit it and change the degree of blurring of the background.

One mode that shines with its own light is that of super slow motion. At this point we must acknowledge the merit of Sony, which was the first to bring 960 fps recording to its Sony Xperia XZ1. To give you an idea, normal video recording has a speed of 30 fps or 60 fps. That is, we have movements more than 15 times slower than their normal speed. The Note 9's camera is capable of recording these contents in HD, and it is advisable to record videos in good lighting conditions. But the truth is that the results are downright impressive, even when some noise appears.

An example is the recording of the flame of a barbecue, which despite the lack of definition in some moments takes your breath away. Personally, I think that the super slow camera should be a "must" in all high-end mobiles ... Even if it's just to show off for a while in front of your friends or family.

When it comes to video recording outside of slow motion effects, the main objective meets high marks. It didn't look great to me in low light, but it still performs well overall. Of course, it suffers from a problem that most mobile phones on the market tend to repeat. If the light is not optimal, when we are recording a video with automatic autofocus, there are moments when it loses focus and that dance clouds the final result a bit.

Animojis, fun but with a long way to go

Samsung wanted to follow in the wake of the iPhone X with the appearance of its own animated characters. The camera analyzes the movements and gestures of your face to animate a creature in real time. In the case of the Korean company, the great advantage is that it combines both imaginary characters (such as Mickey Mouse) with others that are created through your own facial features .


These are the animated characters that you can create with the mobile camera

This second option is more interesting and allows you to personalize an Emoji that looks like you ... More or less. Admittedly, the characters are fun, but there is not as much variety of traits as you might think at first. In addition, there is still a lot of work to do when it comes to capturing the movements of our face. It is very common for a message that we record with our Emoji to have the occasional moment of a diabolical doll.

However, it is very fun to be able to create a series of own GIFs with the character that we have created and then send it through social networks such as WhatsApp.


The selfie camera, Instagrammer-proof

And what about the front camera? The truth is that Samsung has done, in my opinion, a magnificent job . On paper, there is no double camera trace as if we have seen, for example, in the Samsung Galaxy A8. But the truth is that I have not missed it. The main attraction of this camera is its aperture of f / 1.5. That is, the same as in the main camera.

note 9 front camera

The front camera of the Note 9 has a resolution of 12 megapixels and excellent aperture

On a practical level, that means that we are going to get extraordinary results in low light conditions. And it is something that is very much appreciated, since generally we are going to face many situations of this type when we go out to party or go to a concert. We also have a way to create the famous bokeh or blur effect, but in this case through software . The results are quite good, although not at the same level as a normal dual camera.

All camera modes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

-Main Camera (s): Panoramic, Pro, Dynamic Focus, Auto, Super Slow, AR Emoji, Fast Motion, Food (via download), Slow motion (via download).

-Secondary Camera: Focus Selfie, Selfie, AR Emoji, Selfie Panorama

note 9 screen design

The Note has curved edges both on the screen itself and on its back.

Sleek design and more square than the Galaxy S9

For a couple of years, Samsung has launched a clear design line that it has maintained in most of its high-end and mid-range models. We are talking about the combination of glass on both the front and back and metal on the sides . An elegant formula that has done quite well and that makes its terminals quite recognizable (although there are a few manufacturers who have opted for the same).

In the case of the Note 9, we already have it in three different color combinations. Blue, black and purple . The funny thing is that this year the Korean wanted her stylus to also be part of this dance of colors. In my case, I was able to test the blue version with the yellow pen.

A combination that initially surprises and even shocks the eye. But once you get used to it, the truth is that this touch of color is nice and different from the standard black pencil. As for the blue color itself, we are facing a very attractive tonality with a metallic touch that has made me fall in love from the first moment. Of course, it continues to face the big problem of the glass backs: the tracks are marked very easily and it is an almost impossible mission to keep it clean.

note 9 s pen case and back

The Samsung Galaxy Note is available in three colors: ours is blue with the S Pen in yellow

Curves play an important role in the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. And not only on the screen, since the back of the mobile also has curved bezels on both sides . In addition to the visual impact, the grace of this construction is to make the grip easier and more comfortable.

But let's talk about the grip. It cannot be forgotten that we are facing a really great mobile. Even after reducing the screen frames, we have a team with a length of 16 centimeters, and a width of 7 centimeters . That is, if you have small hands, it will be quite difficult for you to handle it with one hand at the times when you want to write a quick message on the subway or bus. In addition, it has a more rectangular format than that of its little brother Samsung Galaxy S9 +, which I personally find more comfortable to handle.

note 9 grip hand

Despite the reduction of the frames, the Note is a mobile that is not so easy to handle with one hand

The ideal is to always use it with two hands, although it is not something that can always be done. We must also take into account that it weighs 200 grams , somewhat higher than what we have become used to in recent times (normally high-end Android phones move between 150-170 grams). It did not seem like a key point to me, since after a couple of days using it I have gotten used to it without problems.

note 9 fingerprint reader

The fingerprint reader is finally in a more comfortable and natural position

The fingerprint reader, finally in a natural position

It's perhaps one of the big changes at the design level, although at this point it's probably not that crucial. The fingerprint reader of the new Note leaves its place next to the rear cameras and is placed below , in a much more natural position for the finger. Everything has to be said. The fingerprint reader has never been one of the strengths of Samsung mobiles, neither for convenience nor for performance. In this case, the performance has improved a lot, although I get the impression that it still does not reach the levels of Huawei readers.

It is clear that Samsung has chosen another path, that of looking for alternative recognition systems. Proof of this is its iris reader or the hybrid system that combines iris and facial recognition. These modes are considered more advanced and secure with respect to the footprint. I will talk a bit about these systems later.

left side button note 9

No, the Bixby button hasn't disappeared yet

Elements well distributed on the sides

Apart from the change of the fingerprint reader, the different buttons and physical connectors of the Note are well distributed over its surface. Starting with the tray that serves to house both the SIM card and an additional microSD card (or a second SIM card, depending on the needs of each user). This tray is opened, as is customary for most smartphones, through a spike. It is true that it is not something that we will use often, but I would like to see more comfortable systems than these in the coming years.

On the left side of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 we have three buttons. Two buttons to raise and lower the volume and a third for that function that has generated so much animosity. I'm talking, of course, about the Bixby button . I do not want to get too involved in the controversy but it is true that it seems a somewhat risky decision to incorporate an exclusive button for a tool that to this day still does not recognize Spanish.

What seems clear is that Bixby has not yet earned this button. Will it disappear in future models or will the company try to give it a boost?

On the right side we barely have a button, the one to turn off the screen.

The lower part is the one that appears more “crowded”. In the most left part we have the headphone jack . I appreciate that Samsung maintains it, despite the fact that it is said that it will gradually disappear from high-end mobiles. It gives me the impression that it is taking away comfort from the user.

galaxy note 9 charging port headphones

Appreciated that Samsung kept the headphone slot

Then we have the USB Type-C connector, the speaker and the compartment for the S Pen . This stylus is removed by pressing on it until you hear a “click”. It is a very comfortable system, although I did not dislike the previous one, which required slightly inserting the nail to remove the accessory.

s pen box note 9

The S Pen is renewed with several interesting functions

The S Pen, an accessory that makes a difference

You can't understand the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 without the accessory that gave it life. The S Pen has been growing at the same rate as the mobile, adding more and more features that complement the user experience. And that, in addition, make the Note a different mobile, with a universe of new possibilities that we cannot find in other terminals. Now, is the S Pen actually used?

Yes and no. If you are a graphic design professional, if you do sketches regularly or if you are used to handwriting, you will probably use it a lot. But if you are a user of "on foot" you probably have it stored most of the time in its compartment. In my case, I have to admit that despite having been a regular user of Note in previous versions, I am not one of those who use the pen every day.

s pen coming out note 9

The S Pen's action menu opens as soon as we remove it from the compartment

Of course, I also miss it when I switch from mobile to another . The point is that the S Pen can be really useful at specific moments. For example, to quickly take notes or sign a PDF document without having to print and re-scan it. Samsung's great novelty for its S Pen this year has also given me a lot of play. Its functions remotely.

What does it consist on? In the use of the central button of the S-Pen to perform different actions without the pen being near the mobile screen. The Korean company has incorporated a few functions into its own applications. But it is in the camera where we can take advantage of this mode the most. By default, a long press on the button directly opens the camera app from any menu (or with the screen turned off).

A quick couple of taps on the S Pen switches between the rear camera and the selfie camera. However, the most attractive point is to take selfies or photos directly by clicking on the button on the pen . A great advantage not to juggle with the Note if we are looking to take a group photo.

remote s pen selfie button

The central button of the S Pen serves functions such as taking a selfie remotely

On the other hand, we also have other features that we had already enjoyed in previous versions of the S Pen. For example, I really like smart selection , a mode that makes it easy to extract text from any web page or photo. I also find the tool to create a GIF from recording the screen very fun . With this mode we create a box in any part of the panel (or full screen) and we can choose when the recording begins and ends. A practical example. Your friends have sent you a funny video of being silly. You can isolate the face of one of them and turn their expression into a GIF.

samsung galaxy note 9 s pen closeup

I haven't used the S Pen much, but I miss it when I don't have it on other phones

The notes with the screen off are a good way to quickly recall any data, address, etc. To do this, simply remove the S Pen from the compartment when the screen is not active. Of course, I recognize that in the month that I have had the mobile I have made little use of this function.

samsung galaxy note 9 back battery

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has an improved 4,000 milliamp battery

Improved autonomy

Samsung is back on track. The problems that caused the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 were not only a blow to sales and the image of the Korean. They also caused the brand to be leaden with the battery of the Galaxy Note 8. Something that was noticed and a lot in the autonomy it reached, and that to date has been one of the hallmarks of this family of phablets. After the months have passed, Samsung has been able to work on this section again with more peace of mind and that shows in the numbers. The Note 9's battery is 4,000 milliamps. A more than clear improvement over the 3,300 milliamps of the previous Note. But how do you hold out on a day to day basis?

The change is noticeable, it could not be otherwise. But I must confess that I still do not have that magical experience of the first Notes that allowed me to work for a day and a half or even two days without having to look for a free plug. The Note 9 can handle an intense day without problems, but at the end of the day I have always had to leave it recharging. I've generally ended up with a battery around 20-25% on normal days.

note 9 box on top

The Note 9 withstands a day of use without problems

I miss the tranquility that the first deliveries gave me (especially the Note 3 in my case). But it's true that manufacturers are clearly looking for the trade-off between slim designs and functionality, thanks to the quick-charge feature. There they have come a long way, and on more than one occasion it took me 20-30 minutes of charging my mobile to be able to endure half a day more without problems.

In short, it is a mobile that still does not meet the standards of what the Note should be in my opinion (about two days of battery life). Do not forget that there are always a thousand unforeseen events that can prevent you from being near an outlet. But the improvement over the previous generation is more than evident and it is expected that it will continue to improve next year.

note 9 written by one expert

The Note 9 is one of the most powerful mobiles on the market

A monster in power and memory

What am I going to say about this point. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful mobiles on the current scene. Its eight-core Exynos 9810 processor has a very high performance, but it also joins 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM depending on the chosen configuration.

I have been lucky enough to be able to test the two configurations for sale of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, first the one that combines 6 GB and 128 GB of internal memory and the one that has 8 GB and 512 GB. And I have to confess that at my level of use I have not noticed perceptible differences in the two configurations. That is, working with a good number of open applications and processes, games of greater or lesser complexity (Fortnite, Clash Royale, Asphalt ...) and even some office applications such as Word or Excel.

note 9 ram

The Note 9 comes with either 6GB or 8GB of RAM

Personally, it seems to me that with the 6 GB and 128 GB version we can take full advantage of the Note's possibilities without missing more power or internal memory. So opting for a larger configuration could be a bet for the future ... Of course, experience tells me that a well-squeezed current mobile can last two or three years without clearly beginning to falter. So in my case I wouldn't recommend paying that extra for the 8GB version.

Something similar happens to me in the field of storage. It is true that 64 GB can already fall short after a few months, but the 128 GB of the Note 9 should be enough to not have to worry about space for a long time . Obviously that changes if you want to turn this mobile into a multimedia center to store your movies in high definition. But if you are going to focus your use of the Note on taking photos and some occasional videos there should be no problem.

right side samsung galaxy note 9

Is it worth the extra money to get the 8GB RAM and 512GB memory version?

Not surprisingly, these 128 GB can fit more than 25,000 photos (it is said soon). Another thing is if you are going to exploit the 4K video recording feature. Keep in mind that each video in this quality can have a maximum duration of five minutes (and occupies around 5 GB in size).

In this case, it might make sense to opt for the higher configuration. Although I would always recommend trying to clean the gallery of those photos and videos that we do not need from time to time so that it does not become a disaster drawer.

tests test antutu note 9

The results in AnTuTu Benchmark and Geekbench do not deceive: it is a mobile of the best you can find on the market

Returning to the field of performance, you are going to enjoy a really smooth Android experience . The movement between the different menus, opening apps or loading files is very fluid. To date I have not had any problems or a snag on the mobile. It is very easy to get used to this speed and not realize what you have until you have to take a more limited smartphone. So you are aware of the difference.

As usual, we have pitted the Note 9 against two of the most popular tests on the scene, AnTuTu Benchmark and Geekbench.


AnTuTu test results

In the first of the tests the result was 245,754 points, below the “official” score of the AnTuTu ranking itself. If we trust these data, above there would be a handful of models such as the Oppo Find X or the OnePlus 6.

We can also compare it to our own tests on other top-of-the-line models. For example, the Huawei P20 Pro has a score of 208,000 points. The Samsung Galaxy S9 + from a few months ago scored 254,000 points in our test, which shows the equality in the power section.

The results in the Geekbench test are 2717 points in single-core performance and 8,411 points in multi-core performance.


Geekbench test results

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Samsung Galaxy S9 +?

It is a question that can come naturally to you if you are thinking of getting a high-end mobile from the Korean company. The differences between the two models are not so many, but you can choose one or the other.

Starting with the screen size. The Note 9 is somewhat larger, with a diagonal of 6.4 inches, while the S9 + stays at 6.2 inches. If you are looking for a mobile that gives you great performance when it comes to watching movies and series, I would bet on the Note to enjoy this little extra.


The Samsung Galaxy S9 +

But the question of size is also important when handling the device. The Note has a more rectangular and elongated design, while the S9 + is somewhat more stylish. Honestly, the Galaxy S9 + is easier to grip and handle, plus it fits better in your pocket.

In terms of power and technical characteristics, the two phones are quite similar, with the Note slightly above. And there is not a very noticeable difference in the field of autonomy either. The key element when choosing one or the other model is the S Pen. Do you think you will use this accessory regularly? If so, go for the Note. If not, the S9 + can give you a very similar result and with a lower investment.

note 9 rear hand reader

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a mode that combines facial recognition with iris recognition

Advanced safety through the eyes and face

We already explained before that the fingerprint reader of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was only one of the advanced modes to secure the contents of the mobile. In fact, if you worry about data security, it is likely to take a back seat. For a couple of years the company has been offering an alternative biometric security tool. This is the iris reader.

Irises are unique and stay the same over the years. This mode of unlocking is much more secure than that of the fingerprint reader, and much more than that of facial recognition.

My experience after a month with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 1

Side of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Korean company has wanted to go one step further by combining the iris reader with facial recognition. This is a very agile recognition mode, which works quite well as long as there is a decent-medium-light in the room. Now, I admit that although I have used it for a few days I am not quite used to it. I have a tendency to check the phone too many times throughout the day, and in the end if you use this recognition method you are using more battery than with other methods such as the fingerprint reader.

My experience after a month with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 2

The Bixby button is located on the left side of the mobile, just below the volume buttons

Bixby, Bixby

Many wonder why Bixby still exists at this point. But Samsung seems convinced that this assistant will find a place in the hearts of its users. Everything has to be said. It doesn't help that the company created a button dedicated to this feature when it doesn't even recognize Spanish (at least as of today). Almost every time I have pressed the button it has been by mistake, and in some cases I have cursed.

But this is an in-depth test of the Note 9, and this is a feature the company puts a lot of interest in. As I said before, today Bixby is not in Spanish. Neither the texts of the app, much less the recognition of the language in Spanish. So I tackled its characteristics with my knowledge of English.


Both texts and voice commands are in English

If sometimes the recognition is not perfect in one's own native language, in English things get complicated. Many times I have had to repeat the commands two or three times until I have managed to understand me. And for a while I've been trying to find reasons to use this assistant and not more mature alternatives like the Google Assistant.

A difficult job. Bixby has an obvious problem at this point. It is very oriented to the US market (at least in its English version). And that greatly reduces the number of interesting apps it works with. It also has a direct dependency on Samsung's own apps. For example, you can search for an artist's song in Samsung Music via voice command, but you can't do the same with Spotify. And so with other examples such as YouTube (it only lets you open the app or an Internet search).

The only lifeline I can find at the moment is the quick command . These are voice commands that we can customize to our liking with any action that Bixby has available . A way to make the "conversation" with this assistant more natural and to highlight those functions that are really useful to us. But, honestly, to this day and for Spanish speakers it is little. Everything may change when Samsung rolls out the Spanish version of Bixby, but I do not predict a very bright future. I hope to be wrong.

galaxy note 9 back

Overview of the rear of the Galaxy Note 9

Always On Display

I find that Always On Display is one of the most interesting features that Samsung has developed in recent years. The always-on screen is a real reassuring for those of us who, like me, tend to unlock our mobile hundreds of times during the day in search of WhatsApp or Slack messages.

always display on samsung

The always-on display is one of the best tools Samsung has ever created

And it is that at a single glance you can see both the time and icons that symbolize the arrival of messages or updates from various apps. Thanks to this, you avoid having to turn on the mobile screen. Nor does it generate a large battery drain, since each hour of use consumes less than 1% of it. In addition, if it is something that worries you, you have the option to customize the Always On Display so that it turns off during the hours when you do not use your mobile or when the battery is low and you want to save the most.

Without a doubt, this is one of the features that I miss the most when I stop using a Samsung (or LG) mobile and go to another brand.

note 9 akg headphones

These are the AKG headphones that the Note includes

AKG Headphones

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 box includes an addition that is much appreciated. A pair of headphones from the AKG brand to exploit all the audio capacity of the smartphone. These headphones have a stylish and sturdy design, as the cable is made of cloth (which means that they will last considerably longer than typical plastic headphones). Also, they offer good performance on a day-to-day basis. If you are not a very audiophile, they will more than meet your expectations.

As for the power and sound quality of the speaker itself, the Note 9 approves but does not enthuse. It is true that there is an increasing tendency to enhance the audio when using headphones on smartphones, but I have missed that the available space is used a little better to create a more powerful sound experience. Not that the experience is bad, but it could be better.

note 9 s pen one expert

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a really complete mobile

The five things that I liked the most about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9… And the ones that should improve


1. The quality of the camera in low light conditions and the zoom x2 without quality loss.

2. The improvement in the battery compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

3. The operation of the mobile is fluid at all times.

4. The new universe that opens the S Pen with all its functions and the inclusion of remote actions.

5. It is a very elegant mobile with a design with that Samsung touch that gives it its screen and curved bezels.


1. The autonomy despite having improved a lot is still not at the level of the first Note

2. It is a mobile that can be too big if you have small hands

3. Its price is already part of 1,000 euros, which takes it away from many pockets

4. The sound system could have made better use of the space to be more powerful

5. The curved screen also has its downside, as the repair cost is higher

samsung galaxy note 9 video s pen

Price and reviews

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is now available in Spain. Its official prices are 1,010 euros for the version with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage, and 1,260 euros for the version with 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal memory.

In short, we are facing a smartphone that leaves very little in the pipeline. It's pretty, it's powerful, it has an impressive display, and it has the addition of its S Pen stylus . To this day, it is the best you will find on the market. Of course, it is also a very important investment. And that is where you have to consider whether a mobile deserves to pay more than 1,000 euros, whether it is called Samsung, iPhone or any other brand.

The fact is that such a high level of power has been reached that you can also convert it on your own computer through an HDMI adapter and with a wireless mouse and keyboard. If you are looking for a total machine to discover everything that a mobile can offer you today , the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has to place itself among your favorites.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 s pen menu


Celestino García, Vice President of Samsung Spain collects the award from to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as the best Smartphone of the year 2018