Free Trial Wreck It Ralph !, the game from the latest Disney movie

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A few days ago we talked to you and showed you the official trailer for the animated film Wreck-It Ralph! , the next Disney feature film to be released this year. The film is based on its plot the world of video games , including heroes and villains from well-known franchises and other winks in which clear references to this world can be appreciated and that every gamer will easily recognize. The script of the film is as imaginative as one would expect from the Disney Dream Factory  , as it stars the character known as Wreck-It Ralph, a villain belonging to a well-known video game who decidesescape your monotonous life to show that you can do good things too.

To achieve his goal, Wreck it Ralph decides to flee his pixelized arcade prison to seek new adventures beyond. This will make it become part of other games including the most modern first-person shooter games that are so fashionable in the present generation of consoles. To whet your appetite before the premiere, Disney has just enabled the official Wreck-It Ralph! Video game on the film's website . , which is the same that can be seen in theaters and of which this big man is the protagonist. It is very curious how that touch of video game of the eighties has been taken care of,maintaining the essence of simplicity and addiction that characterized the great titles of that time. Then we leave you with the direct link to play Wreck-It Ralph for free.

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In case anyone hadn't realized it, it should be noted that the Wreck-It Ralph character is clearly inspired by Donkey Kong , one of the greatest villains in the Mario Bros universe , the protagonist of the first video game in which this famous plumber appeared. Rompe Ralph has an aesthetic very similar to Donkey Kong, large and with exaggeratedly large arms and hands, in addition to sharing the common hobby of breaking things and being the villains of his adventures. To add more similarities, we will recall that the original Donkey Kong game is from 1981, while that of the movie Wreck-It Ralph! , calledFix-It Felix Jr has been fictitiously created in 1982 .

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The mechanics of Fix-It Félix Jr are very simple, as are its graphics, which perfectly imitate the style prevailing in the 80s , due to the technical limitations of the time. We manage Felix Jr, a kind of handyman hero (yes, Mario Bros ) who must fix all the damage carried out by Wreck-It Ralph in a building. Rompe Ralph continually hits his big fists from the top, causing glass breakage that Felix Jr must fix. At the same time he is throwing objects that we must avoidto avoid losing lives, although there will be other types of obstacles that can end the game. As we dodge Wreck-It-All's brick , avoid different dangers, and fix the glitches, we may still have time to pick up some of the special items that will appear from time to time scattered across the screen.

If you plan to go to the movies to see Wreck-It Ralph! When it is released, do not miss the opportunity to play the video game star of the film for free. In any case, Fix-It Félix Jr is a good game made with care that will transport us to another era , when graphics were not the most important thing.

Play for free Fix-It Felix Jr, the video game from the movie Wreck-It Ralph!