Package lost or does not arrive at the Post Office: how to make a claim

How to know the status of a postal shipment

With the arrival of Christmas in Spain, the number of shipments made by companies, online stores and individuals increases exponentially compared to other times of the year. It is for this reason that most transport agencies tend to experience delays in estimated delivery times. This is the case of Correos España. The public company accumulates from the beginning of December until today dozens of complaints for delays, lost packages and shipments that do not reach their destination . Let's see how to proceed to file a claim through the company's website.

My shipment has been lost or does not arrive, how can I make a claim with the Post Office?

Making a claim in Correos involves a process that depends entirely on the web. To access this procedure we will have to access the page through the following link.

make claim online emails 3

Once inside the platform, we will click on the option Make a claim and then on the Form , as we can see in the screenshot above. The next step to file a complaint with the Post Office will be to fill in this form with all of our personal data and shipping data, which we will describe below.

If we are customers of the company and we have made the shipment ourselves, we will have to mark Yes in the section Do you have a contract with Correos? and indicate the DNI and the customer number . Otherwise, it will be enough to indicate the telephone number together with the National Identity Document.

Package lost or does not arrive: how to make a claim at Correos 1

The next thing we will have to do to complete the information of the claim will be, how could it be otherwise, indicate the tracking number. In general, this code will be provided at the time of shipment or via email if we have purchased the item in an online store. If we do not have this code, either due to the type of shipment (ordinary letters, international parcels ...) or because it has not been provided, simply click Next to describe the complaint.

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Once we have entered the postal code, the page will show us the current status of the delivery. If we are not satisfied with the service, we will only have to click Next to fill in the required information: the type of incident and its description . When we have finished completing the form, simply click on Send to formalize the complaint at the Post Office.

What is the use of making a claim at the Post Office?

Depending on the type of incident that we have processed on the Correos page, the usefulness of formalizing a claim will vary depending on multiple factors.

Package lost or does not arrive: how to make a claim at Correos 2

Due to the dates in which we are, the general response of Correos to customers in terms of delays will be based on this same premise . The body of the original message sent by the company in its emails describes the following:

“Due to the high volume of shipments that we distribute daily, the delivery time may be longer than expected. However, we will try to speed up the transport and delivery process to the chosen point. "

If we have made the claim outside the Christmas dates or for reasons other than those indicated above (state of the package at the time of delivery, missing items ...), the company will open an investigation whose resolution period may vary from a few days up to several months. The advisable thing in this case is to raise the claim to the nearest Consumer Office to speed up the waiting times and raise the case to other organizations.