House Sitting, what is it and the best websites to practice it

Housesitting, what it is and the best websites to practice it

Have you ever thought that while you are on vacation for a few days, they could break into your house to rob? Would you have liked to have a kind of guardian who, in addition to watching over your home, also takes care of your pet? House Sitting is the answer to your prayers. In addition, it is also a  cheaper option to travel for those who lack budget .

We do not know if the inventor of House Sitting was afraid of thieves or was an animal lover. Or simply, his idea was to be able to get free accommodation (in exchange for small jobs) . Be that as it may, this practice consists of offering your house and allowing someone to stay in it in exchange for taking care of it . If you're curious, take a look at our special.

How does it work?

First of all, we must start by talking about the interests of both parties. On the one hand is the owner of the house, and on the other the caretaker. You want to feel safe knowing that your home is in good hands. The other is looking for a place to stay while traveling. There is no money involved here. It is a concept of hospitality and solidarity based on an agreement of responsibility , honesty and trust. These are the principles of House Sitting.

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Imagine that you have been wanting to travel to New Zealand for years, one of the most expensive destinations in the world where accommodation is not exactly cheap. By chance there is someone from Auckland who has to spend a couple of weeks in Wellington for work. You are looking for someone to stay home, clean, care for your cat, and water the plants in the garden. Sounds good right? 

You can enjoy your home for a couple of weeks without spending a penny, but obviously, with common sense. What does this mean? Well, once you become a “sitter”, you agree to comply with a series of obligations previously agreed with the owner who leaves his house to you. Of course, the level of demand is totally variable.

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Why do House Sitting?

The savings in accommodation is evident. But also, it allows you to get to know a country more thoroughly and "live" a little season like a local . You will be able to experience your stay in a certain country as if it were a local, instead of a tourist who is passing through. You will not move so much or visit many places but you will enjoy much more extending your stay and feeling part of the community. It will be a perfect trip to rest and change of scene.

How to find a house?

There are numerous House Sitting websites. You only have to register and pay a fee that varies between 20 and 90 euros per year. Okay, not exactly free. But in sight, it is an expense that compensates already from the first moment you find a house, since you will not need to pay rent.

Depending on where you want to travel, there are some websites that are more recommended than others . The United States, Australia or New Zealand have their exclusive House Sitting websites. If you want to travel to any of these countries, it will always be better to register on their website. It is interesting that you take a tour of one of these websites to be able to evaluate the different offers and register in the one that interests you the most.

House Sitting's most requested website

Trusted housesitter: with more than 65,000 subscribers from countries around the world, it is the House Sitting website par excellence. It was created in 2010 with the mission of keeping pets safe and happy in their homes and helping animal lovers travel. Its price is 90 euros per year.

Happy Housesitters: Australian portal with a trusted service with more than 20 years of experience. In Australia House Sitting has become very popular. There is currently a high demand in major cities such as Melbourne and Sydney where people from all walks of life seek caregivers for their homes and pets throughout the year. Each subscriber can leave comments about their experience and recommend to other subscribers. Its price is $ 30 per year.

Aussie Housesitters - Trusted family business with more than 10 years of experience serving Australia. She has won numerous awards. They have the largest network of contacts between owners and caregivers . Its price is 84 dollars per year.

Housesitters America: without a doubt, the favorite website of travel and pet lovers in the United States. The price for the sitters is $ 30 per year.

Kiwi Housesitters: the trusted family website in New Zealand, with more than 10 years of experience. Due to its quality customer service it has received numerous awards. It has the largest offer of houses and network of contacts in the entire country. For subscribing sitters it costs $ 84 per year.

Nomador: international portal that offers more than 5,000 homes around the world. Registration for sitters is 65 euros per year. 

Mindmyhouse: international website active since 2005. Pet lover with more than 14,000 subscribers that connects owners and sittters from all over the world. Its price is 20 euros per year.

HouseGuard: trusted House Sitting website in Canada. Another great animal lover with a wide network of contacts and a large number of homes throughout the country.


HouseCarers: international in nature with more than 18 years of experience. Its mission is to keep pets safe in their homes, fulfill travelers' dreams and facilitate friendships. It has a search engine by location and date, specific help sections for the care of cats and dogs, and information on fraud and other services. Useful that, without a doubt, differentiate it from other websites.

Luxury Housesitting: portal that offers houses in the United States. As its name suggests, it is aimed at those who wish to stay in a house with somewhat more luxurious characteristics than the usual Housesitting. Sitters must pay an extra $ 25 per house.

And what do you think? Does it seem like an interesting way to travel?