The dirty war between Just Eat food services and the Red Refrigerator


All the fault lies with some stickers. Well, according to El Confidencial today , the two food delivery services that operate in Spain are facing a very, very dirty war. We are talking about Just Eat and La Nevera Roja , two platforms that are responsible for sticking on restaurant windows - also on bags, napkin rings and other visible spaces in establishments - stickers with their distinctive . It is one of the most important ways to attract your customers, only behind the advertisements that appear on television. The fact is that, in recent times, an absolutely bloody war has started between both platforms. The confidentialaffirms that the most belligerent party is that of Just Eat , an English giant that, according to this media, is applying what is called “unfair competition”. Both La Nevera Roja and Aloha24 (a still minority service that is beginning to gain ground in Spain ), denounce that Just Eat is doing everything possible to remove all its stickers and badges from establishments.

The heads of both companies, Iñigo Amorebieta and Manuel Caramés , sent a letter to Jesús Rebollomanager  of Just Eat Spain , on December 1 to warn him that their sales representatives are removing the logos from the points of sale. Commercials and former employees consulted by El Confidencial have confirmed that the slogans of Just Eat are clear: we must eliminate any trace of advertising of the competition that they find in restaurants. This implies, in addition to removing the stickers that can be seen on restaurant windows, removing the badges from the napkin rings, change the role of dataphones and carry lots and lots of bags to the establishments, so that the customer receives the Just Eat logo despite having placed an order with La Nevera Roja . Or vice versa.


But things are going too far. Some commercials who work for Just Eat have even recorded videos committing these actions so that their bosses see that they are acting as recommended. Employees consulted by this source affirm that the policy that the British headquarters transfers to its managers in Spain is absolutely aggressive against competition. Thus, the orders of Jose Manuel Garcia , commercial area Levante and the Balearic Islands and Jaime Guitart , national sales manager, go to carry out such actions. In fact, the first one took a snapshot by removing a badge from La Nevera Roja to then stick one ofJust Eat . The capture has been published by El Confidencial .

But be careful, the information also speaks of a dirty war promoted by La Nevera Roja . A former employee has confirmed to the source that both companies apply the same practices, although Just Eat receives millions and millions from its London headquarters . La Nevera Roja has a much more discreet budget and spends almost everything on advertising. This means that in this dirty war, Just Eat has the upper hand. At the moment, both services are tied in Madrid and Barcelona, but in the rest of the cities, Just Eat is the winner with about 80% of the market share .