Samsung QLED Q6F 2018 65 inches, QLED technology at a lower price

Samsung QLED Q6F 2018 65 inches, QLED technology at a lower price

Your Expert RecommendedTo facilitate access to QLED TVs to a larger audience, Samsung has prepared new models of the Q6F series . This series loses some features that we see in the high-end, but maintains the Quantum Dot technology. In other words, it would be a small step ahead of the NU series. Q Engine image processor and metal-coated quantum dots are preserved.

We will also have available the new Ambient Mode system and SmartThings technology . However, we lose the compatibility with HDR10 +, the invisible cable and quality in the sound system. In short, we are facing an entry model for those who settle for a good image and a complete Smart TV system, without looking for the highest quality. The Samsung QLED Q6F will be available in 49, 55, 65, 75 and even 82 inches. But today we are going to focus on the 65-inch model.

Data sheet Samsung QLED Q6F 2018 65 inches

Diagonal65 inches (also available in 49, 55, 75 and 82 inches)
Resolution and technology4K Ultra HD, Quantum Dot, Motion Rate 240
Panel typeEdge-lit LED
SupportTwo metal legs located at the ends
Operating systemTizen tv
ControlOne Remote
Sound2.1ch, 40W, Dolby
Connections4 HDMI, 2 USB, Ethernet, optical digital audio out
Wireless connectivityWiFi, Bluetooth
OthersAmbient Mode, SmartThings
Dimensions144.5 x 90.9 x 28.4 (with stand)
Weight24.8 kg (with stand)
Release dateApril 2018
Price2,200 dollars (about 1,700 euros)

Quantum dots with some sacrifices

Thoroughly Samsung QLED Q6F 2018 65 inch screen

Although the Samsung QLED Q6F belongs to Samsung's QLED range, it makes some concessions to lower the price. Still, it still uses the metal-coated quantum dot technology of QLED TVs . This allows the TV to display 100% of the color volume .

However, the maximum brightness the TV reaches has been reduced . Although Samsung has not provided the data, the same model last year reduced its maximum brightness to 1,000 nits. This prevents the Samsung QLED Q6F from achieving the ULTRA HD PREMIUM certification from the UHD Alliance. Although it does comply with the most demanding 4K UHD standards defined by the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association).

On the other hand, the Samsung QLED Q6F doesn't include the Ultra Black Elite panel either . But, perhaps most surprising, is that it does not appear to be compatible with HDR10 + technology. Samsung may have left this feature only for the higher-end models.

Thoroughly Samsung QLED Q6F 2018 65-inch Features

We do have the same Q Engine image processor and Motion Rate 240 system , which allows for fluid images in any fast-action scene.

Renewed design

Samsung has decided to change the design that we met in the Q6F last year. The legs that protruded out have been replaced by more elegant legs . In fact, the Q6F from 2018 has the same design as the Samsung QLED Q8F 2018. The only difference is that the legs of the top model are somewhat darker in color.

These legs include a cable management system . And is that the Samsung QLED Q6F 2018 does not include the One Connect connection box. Nor is it included, of course, the single cable of the higher models.

Thoroughly Samsung QLED Q6F 2018 65 inch rear

So, we have a black rear with a brushed finish . The various connectors are located in one of the corners. It is an elegant design, but it is far from what the superior models offer.

Ambient Mode and SmartThings

However, Samsung has included one of its great novelties for 2018. We are talking about Ambient Mode, a system that allows us to integrate the TV with the decoration of our house .

Thoroughly Samsung QLED Q6F 2018 65 Inch Ambient Mode

As in the rest of the models, we have several modes available . For example, we can configure the television to display information, photos or simply a decorative motif. We can even use it as a music player, thus animating our parties.

We can also enjoy all the functions of the Samsung Smart TV system . Including its news, such as the universal guide, which will search for content in all available applications.

We will even have the possibility of operating the television with voice commands. Some special functions of Samsung TVs will also be available, such as Steam Link, Sync & Share or TV Plus .

Thoroughly Samsung QLED Q6F 2018 65 inch SmartThings

The Samsung QLED Q6F 2018 includes the SmartThings system . Through the application of the same name, we can control all the devices that we have with this system. We can change the temperature from the TV or receive a notice if the washing machine has finished.

In addition, the SmartThings application offers us a really simple initial configuration system . The TV will “catch” the passwords for the WiFi connection and services such as Netflix from the mobile.

We will control all this through the One Remote control, with integrated voice control. In other markets, Bixby is already available in Samsung's new QLED televisions, but it has not yet reached the Spanish market.

Price and availability

Thoroughly Samsung QLED Q6F 2018 65 inch price

As we mentioned, the Samsung QLED Q6F is an entry model to the QLED range . The Korean manufacturer has wanted to offer the possibility to users of having a television with quantum dot technology, spending considerably less than the higher models cost.

However, this price reduction has consequences on the technical set offered by the television. It is the user who must assess whether he prefers to invest a little more or what this model offers is enough.

The 65-inch Samsung QLED Q6F has not yet arrived in Spain, but it has in the United States. Its price there is 2,200 dollars, about 1,700 euros . Although, taking into account that the conversion is not usually "real", we could be talking about 2,000 euros. This model will also be available in 49 and 55 inches, but its price has not yet been revealed.