Beware of the false mail of unpaid bills from Naturgy, it is a scam

Beware of the false mail of unpaid bills from Naturgy, it is a scam

If you receive an email alerting you to unpaid bills from Naturgy, ignore it . This is a scam. A scam that has been circulating dangerously for a few hours through the email boxes of many people and that can end up with your data in the hands of those who should not. Have you received any of these?

The alert has come through Naturgy itself, the company that operates in the gas and electricity sectors, offering service to thousands and thousands of citizens in Spain and around the world. The former Gas Natural has explained today through its Twitter account that a series of malicious emails have been detected in which it tried to impersonate Naturgy's identity.

In the message in question, undoubtedly written to alert anyone, the user is informed that they have unpaid invoices, emulating an official message from the company. The sender of these emails is not Naturgy at all . Thus, the firm recommends its clients not to open, not interact and, when in doubt, contact them directly to clarify the matter.

Malicious emails detected impersonating Naturgy and claiming unpaid invoices. The sender is not "@". Do not open or interact, if in doubt contact us //

- @NaturgyClientES (@NaturgyClientEs) June 2, 2020

Be careful with Naturgy's emails

It is possible that Naturgy will contact us via email to send us invoices or to communicate with us regarding our contracts, registrations or other similar issues. But never to request information from us, such as bank details, credit card numbers and other personal information . We are talking about sensitive information, which should never be given to anyone.

These emails in which the user is alerted that there are unpaid invoices seeks, precisely, in the face of the threat of a supply cut, that the most innocent enter their personal data, including bank and card information. Something that should only be done under the express request in supplying offices or, if it is by telephone or online, by contacting Naturgy's customer service directly . Ensuring at all times that, in effect, it is the authorized company.

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What do I do if I receive the mail from Naturgy?

Obviously, if you come across Naturgy's email in your email inbox , don't open it. And directly take the following measures:

  • If you think you may have an unpaid invoice or have any questions about it, call Naturgy directly . The most sensible thing is that you contact them through the customer service telephone number 900 100 251 , from Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. If you are calling from abroad, you can do so at 0034 910 497 474  or, if you are not in a hurry, contact [email protected] by email. You can also connect to their Twitter account through @NaturgyClientEs.
  • Once you have clarified your doubts, delete the email.
  • Also, do not enter personal information, such as bank details or credit cards.
  • Do not download any files or applications, they could be dangerous.

This in the case of fraudulent emails from Naturgy . If you receive any other similar email, either from another basic supply company, bank, company or even from the public administration in which debts are claimed or, for example, you are offered the return of the Rent, prizes or contests, go very carefully. It would not be the first time such a fraud has been launched and it will not be the last.

Always contact the person responsible for the alleged email to verify that the information is true. If it is clearly a fraud, it is convenient that you bring it to their knowledge and, if you can, also report it to the Police.