The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have a problem with the touch screen

Iphone 6

Do you have an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 Plus in your pocket? Well be careful, this information interests you. The iFixit repair chain just revealed that the older units of this pair of models are experiencing an issue that Apple is already aware of , but refuses to confirm. Some users are complaining - in fact, some pages of the Apple forums are full of this type of comments - that on certain occasions, the touch screen of their iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus does not respond and that, at the same time, a flashing horizontal gray bar appears at the top of the screen. iFixit has already named theproblem and investigation has started . Has something similar ever happened to you with your brand new iPhone? Read on to find out what's going on.

In the video that you can play at the top, the problem is evident from beginning to end . A grayish upper line appears blinking that can extend to the middle of the screen and that is accused when we press on the top of the phone , right where it seems that the origin of the anomaly is.  iFixit has baptized this problem as "Touch Disease" which would be something like "Touch anomaly" and many independent experts have already been able to verify that it would be affecting the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units that were manufactured in 2015 . As revealed by a New Orleans expert on Forbes, every month you can see around 100 iPhone units affected by this problem and, in fact, other repairers have explained that it is a most common failure. It seems that all the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus of 2015 would have the problem, only that in many it still would not have manifested itself.

And what does Apple say about it? Well, according to PhoneArena , many company workers have stated that the company is perfectly aware of this problem. What happens is that they do not consider it a fault for which they have to take responsibility and since many of these phones are no longer under warranty, the only thing they can do is advise those affected to buy another phone.

However, experts say that the origin of this incident is in the U2402 Meson Tuch IC chip , which apparently has a factory defect. Another possibility is that we are talking about another bendgate and that the phone is twisting naturally, so that the motherboard solder is starting to crack and produce this annoying - and inappropriate - effect.

iPhone 6 Plus

Is there some kind of solution?

The truth is that no. Workarounds only make things worse . If we click on the screen, the effect disappears, but returns even more strongly. Some have also tried replacing the main panel, but after a while, the issue has appeared again . The board could be replaced, but the price of this repair is too expensive. If you still have the current warranty, we recommend that you go quickly to a center to report the incident . Otherwise, you may have to shell out a fortune at a specific repair center, or worse, clean the slate by buying a new phone.