Nokia N95 8GB- Digital candidate 01 to the best mobile phone of 2008


We are finishing analyzing candidates for the Digital01 Awards . On this occasion, we present to you the penultimate finalist of the year and the second candidate for the Best Mobile Phone Award of 2008 : the Nokia N95 8GB .

N95 with new style

This N95 8GB terminal is an improved redesign of the previous N95 ( launched last August in Spain ). On this occasion, Nokia has redesigned a terminal that had already become one of the most desired on the market. The first thing that catches the attention of the new model is that it has been dressed in black, has a slightly larger screen ( 2.8 inches ), significantly expands its internal memory (to 8 gigs ), has improved the management software and has a more efficient battery. All, keeping the sliding keyboard on both sides and all its high-level features .

Very complete and smart phone

The Nokia N95 8GB is the most powerful all-in-one on the market. Gathers much of the characteristics of a smart phone , of the kind called smartphone , while maintaining a compact design : 21 millimeters thick and 128 grams (8 grams more than the previous version). The camera remains 5 megapixel with Carl Zeiss .

The screen slides up to reveal the numeric keypad underneath. In this position, we can use the integrated GPS navigator and connect to the Internet without cables , either through the high-speed telephone line ( HSDPA ) or by Wi-Fi , to save a good few euros if we have a wireless network open to our scope.

If we slide the screen down , the touch controls of the media player appear at the top (as in the previous version). Instead of resorting to memory cards (the miniSD slot has disappeared), the internal storage of this Nokia allows us to carry 2,000 songs in MP3 , 8,000 photos in JPEG or a dozen movies in DivX , maintaining good image and sound quality .

A 3G phone managed through the version 9.2 of the operating system Symbian S60 , and offers a comprehensive conecvtividad: it has to an output for connection to cable television , direct connection for 3.5 mm headphone port miniUSB to connect with other equipment and Bluetooth to work hands-free or to transfer files to other devices.

Who wants a Nokia N95 8GB?

Those who want to carry, in one device, the telephone, the pocket music and video player, the camera and the GPS. Today , this N95 8GB is the only computer on the market capable of offering all this with quality. In addition, in a complete and compensated terminal (it maintains a truly pocket-sized weight and dimensions ). Taking all this into account, it is not surprising that the terminal is sold (free) for 660 euros. But, as we have said, it is a terminal designed for the most demanding users.


Almost everything in this terminal is a strong point, since it has all the functions , and each function raised to the maximum (if we compare it with its current competitors). If we analyze it in relation to what its previous version offered, we have to say that the internal memory, the screen size and the fast management of the functions are its best steps forward .


Although autonomy remains limited (something the moment, inevitable in these mobile all-in-one), is also significantly improved the management of battery , giving us a 30% longer before having to charge it.

It can improve

We know that it would be very difficult to put, but it is a pity that they have not added optical zoom to the camera. This point is the only one missing for mobile cameras to be compared without complexes with digital compacts . On the other hand, the optics (which are high quality, have an image stabilizer and other extras) now, in the new version it does not have a lens protector.

Data sheet

StandardGSM network: 850/900/1800/1900

UMTS network: 850/1900/2100


Weight and measurements99 x 53 x 21 mm

128 grams

Memory8 GB internal memory
Camera5 Megapixel CMOS sensor

Tessar lens with Carl Zeiss optics

Built-in flash

Image Stabilizer

Red eye correction

20x digital zoom

Video recording at 30 frames per second

screen2.8 inch TFT LCD (240 x 320 pixels)

16 million colors

Audio and videoSupported formats: MP3, ACC, WMA, MPA, JPEG

Video playback

White balance

FM radio tuner

Voice recording

Controls and connectionsSymbian S60 operating system version 9.2

Alphanumeric keyboard

Multimedia keys


3.5mm headphone jack

Push email

RSS links

Integrated GPS navigator

Wireless: Wi-FI, HSDPA and Bluetooth Stereo

Autonomy5 hours in conversation (GSM)

280 hours standby (GSM)

+ info: Nokia

Nokia N95 8GB- Digital candidate 01 to the best mobile phone of 2008 2

Together with this Nokia N95 8GB , the 2008 Best Mobile Phone Award is disputed by the Sony Ericsson K850i, which we talked about earlier, and the Palm Treo 500v , which will be the last candidate in this edition of the Digital01 Awards .