LG washing machines with SmartThinQ are ready for the future

LG washing machines with SmartThinQ are ready for the future

Housework takes up a lot of time in our day to day. And, although we have less and less time for these kinds of things, we must do them, they are inevitable. Luckily, some appliances make our lives easier. Such as the new LG washing machines with SmartThinQ technology . Thanks to its wireless connection, it is possible to control them from anywhere. In addition, it allows us to download new programs that are better adapted to the use we make of the washing machine. And they are even capable of self-diagnosis when they have a problem. All of this saves us time and money.

The phrase "I don't have time" is becoming more and more common. Modern life makes 24 hours a day, sometimes rare. Every day we have to carry out certain tasks or activities that we want to do and that we do not get to. Therefore, any device that saves us time is very valuable .

LG develops household appliances whose technology seeks to make people's lives easier. And washing machines are no exception. LG washing machines are equipped with the IoT (“Internet of Things”) system .

SmartThinQ system

SmartThinQ is LG's digital home system . It comes installed in the latest household appliances of the company, such as refrigerators or washing machines. But also in LG OLED televisions or sound system. Everything is connected via SmartThinQ.

What does SmartThinQ allow us to do in LG washing machines? Its main function, although not the only one, is to control the washing machine remotely from anywhere . We can thus schedule the laundry from the mobile. Never again will it be a problem to have forgotten to activate the washing machine before going to work.

On the other hand, with the SmartThinQ application we can download additional programs to our washing machine . If those that come "standard" do not convince you or do not fit the use you make of this appliance, you can always download one more according to your needs.

Among the available programs we have:

  • Childcare
  • Skin care
  • Anti-stain
  • Cold wash
  • Underwear
  • Small washes
  • Wool
  • Hygienic
  • Quick
  • Deodorization

LG washing machines with SmartThinQ diagnostics

In addition, LG washing machines are the first in the market with Smart Diagnosis . This system allows us to save time and money when it comes to detecting a problem in the washing machine.

Its operation is very simple. First we bring the phone closer to the washing machine. Afterwards, it is the washing machine itself that contacts the technical service and sends it a diagnosis . This speeds up repair and avoids unnecessary service visits.

In short, the SmartThinQ system in LG washing machines makes our lives easier. In addition, if you have other devices from the manufacturer, with a single application you can control your digital home.