Spotify introduces Gapless Playback and Crossfade

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Spotify is also on its premiere. Today, the famous Swedish company has announced the incorporation of two new functions within its tool to listen to music via streaming. We refer to the Play without pauses and the Crossfade , two features that improve - even through small details - the musical experience of the users through this platform. As you well know, there are many users who have already switched to the Premium mode , which for five euros offers music without interruptions and without limits, although there are still thousands of people who prefer to listen to advertising to enjoy thereproduction in the serial mode that is free . But let's get to what matters: what are the two functions that Spotify has released today ?

Well, let's start with the first one: Seamless Playback . Thanks to this new feature, Spotify users can enjoy their favorite songs without silence in between . If until now we had been able to eliminate advertising , now we will also have the opportunity to avoid that between song and song one or two seconds of silence or emptiness are heard , depending on how you look at it.

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But this is not all that Spotify wants to offer through this new update . With the new Crossfade tool we will get the songs to merge, allowing the user the option to choose the number of seconds in which the mix will take place. We can choose from 1 to 12 , depending on our tastes, accessing Spotify and selecting the "Preferences" option to choose with the "On" button the number of seconds that we want. This function will be great for you if you are one of those who uses Spotify to liven up their parties . It's the only way to keep your friends entertained as if they were in the very disco.

In addition to these couple of improvements, which are the most significant, Spotify has filled in the update - which by the way is already available with other important changes. Among the official list, there is the possibility of navigating between artists in a faster way, the new function to save and recover the songs or discs you have played and the offline mode that can be activated from the Spotify menu itself . You will see that the existing functions of "Subscribe", "Friends List" and "Favorites" have also been improved . The "Drag and drop" function has been retouched and the new option "Hide purchase buttons " has been included, although you will see that it is only available if you are a Premium user .

You should know, in any case, that if you have not yet found the option to update it is because Spotify is releasing the data package progressively . It is not strange, then, if you still have not received a message requesting that you restart the program. When the update is ready , you just have to follow the instructions that are indicated. However, if you are eager to try the newest disco features on your Spotify , you can access the links that allow you to start enjoying them for Mac and Windows .