The craziest Japanese contests seen on YouTube


Since the arrival of Humor Amarillo years ago on our screens,  a comic and absurd image of Japanese television programs has remained in the collective imagination of the Spanish viewer . But are they really as crazy as we think we are? We've scoured the depths of YouTube to find the weirdest contests. Those outside of Japan are completely unthinkable. And this is the best we have come across ...

Sexuality to power, with humor pills

Japan in its very particular country in terms of its sexual traditions. In this context, it is more than usual to find not only suggestive content in some programs, but programs that are only suitable for adults. This test is a very illustrative example of what the average Japanese viewer wants. Everything to inflate a balloon ... The rest of the content of the program is not wasted either.

Now I fall extreme version

If you find it funny Now I Fall because some people fall in a totally predictable way from a meter and a half high on a very soft mat this Japanese version will be the leader of your weekly programming . Little more to add to a program that says it all by itself. One can only wonder when the fall ends and what is at the bottom ...

Chocolate bar or not?

A whole whole program dedicated to trying things to find out if we got chocolates or not? Chewing on shoes, solid wood shotgun butts, insects ... The whole program revolves around a chocolate bar with which it can be taken in almost any shape. The famous medium hair of Japan bet if they are sugar or not. If they lose, they not only take a bite of anything, but they blow a powerful blast of air into their faces as an added humiliation.

Two women, one cockroach

There are people who would not risk putting a live cockroach in their mouths for millions of euros. But in Japan it is a relatively common form of contest. A very common test in all more or less famous contests in the Japanese country and that on some occasion has been imported (in a comic plan) to television to the horror of the Spanish contestants, who for the most part flatly refused to carry out the test . One of the most unpleasant moments for those with a phobia of insects.

Hard sex

On Japanese television you can find thousands of milestones to the absurd. And sex, as we have indicated at the beginning of this list, is a fundamental part of it. At times sexuality is taken in a comical way, as a way to scandalize a prudish society with content that seems designed by Pajares and Esteso. But there are also programs with very high sexual content. But not that Spanish reality show of sex under the duvet. An explicit, extreme and, at times, very very unpleasant program. All framed in an aesthetic so plastic and strange for a Westerner. We do not recommend viewing it for sensitive people, given its strange and complex sexual content.