Life-size robots from Star Wars

Life-size robots from Star Wars 2

If you are a fan of the Star Wars saga , you can already jump for joy. After countless editions of the movie characters at different sizes and with different qualities, we can now enjoy the two main robots, C-3P0 and R2-D2, in life size . The company that will make them is called Sideshow Collectibles. In addition to these characters, it has many more and even Marvel superheroes and other sagas, although in different sizes.

The problem is that to have one of these figures in your personal collection and put it in the hall to greet everyone you invite to your house, in addition to being a big fan of Star Wars, you will also have to have an account quite comfortable current , since the prices are as great as its size .


To get the android C-3PO , you will have to unwrap the not inconsiderable figure of $ 5,950 (about 3,800 euros ). If you prefer R2-D2 , the price is somewhat lower, given its size we assume. It will cost you $ 500 ... less, that is, $ 5,450 (about 3,500 euros ), which is not bad either.

It must be said that the figures are a most exact reproduction and are of the highest quality . They are made of fiberglass and include a base to fix them to the ground and on which they carry out their own movements . They also have lights and sounds and once they are turned off, they always return to their initial position. They work with AA batteries .


They are a limited edition , so if you want to get hold of any of them, hurry up to make the reservation and deliver the $ 950 ( 600 euros ) deposit . They will begin to be delivered at the end of the year .

Via: bornrich.