Paying for WhatsApp will not be free, be careful with commissions

Paying for WhatsApp will not be free, beware of commissions 1

A function that many of us have been waiting for on WhatsApp finally reaches more countries. Last Monday, payments through WhatsApp landed in Brazil after passing through India. Now, a new tool that, in addition, will be both in WhatsApp Business and in the one we all use normally. In relation to the first, this new functionality will offer the owner of the WhatsApp business account the possibility of sending, receiving and requesting money through the application. You can carry out transactions in two different ways, be paid for the sales of your store or make purchases and transfer money yourself, always within WhatsApp.

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Receive money for sales: this option is exclusive to business accounts and thanks to it the business owner will be able to sell their items through the messaging application and accept unlimited payments from customers. But beware, there are small print. This transaction has a cost of 4% per sale. This value is also subject to change. To activate this functionality, you must go to Facebook Pay in the 'Get paid for a sale' section.

As we have said before, the inhabitants of India and, now, Brazil, will be able to use WhatsApp to give and receive money from their family and friends. With this modality they will not have any additional charge , so that extra payment that we talked about before will be limited to commercial transactions. To enable this feature, it must be activated in Facebook Pay. The fine print of payment between friends and family has more to do with the limit of money that can be sent. When you send money or receive it from your friends and family there is a limit of 1,000 BRL, about 170 euros to change. Likewise, there is a limit for receiving money of 20 daily transactions and 5,000 BRL per month, about 850 euros at the exchange rate.

WhatsApp has added the payment functionality in the simplest way possible, in order to ensure that the vast majority of users try and trust this new method. Sending money to other WhatsApp contacts is as simple as attaching the file of a contact , of a place where we are or sending a photo. By clicking on the WhatsApp clip we will be offered a new 'Payment' icon, we indicate the amount of money we want to send or request and attach, if we want, a note to the recipient. This note can be directed to explain the reason for the transaction or simply a friendly message. Then, we choose the desired contact and that's it.

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Obviously, to pay through WhatsApp, the user must own a credit or debit card and associate it with the application. At the moment, only three banks in Brazil are compatible with this new way of paying, but it is expected that many others will be added over time. WhatsApp, in relation to payments through its platform, has ensured that the information on the linked cards will be encrypted and will not be shared with the merchants with whom the transaction is established. In addition, security will be reinforced through a pin code in Facebook Pay or through the device's own biometrics.

And when is this new function in Spain for? The only thing we know is that WhatsApp assured that during the first half of 2020 it would appear in certain countries ... and it has been. However, when it arrives in Spain we will give a good account of it.