LG TVs with WebOS now have the HBO app available

LG TVs with WebOS now have the HBO app available

Streaming series and movie  platforms  have become a common element in the entertainment of millions of people, replacing the viewing of movies on television or even movie theaters. It is not surprising that many manufacturers do not even think about it when it comes to facilitating access to these platforms natively on their own TV models.

Now, LG has announced that users of its Smart TVs will be able to enjoy exclusive content from HBO Spain . The streaming service joins the offer of content available on LG televisions that include Netflix, FlixOlé, Rakuten TV, Movistar + or Spotify.

WebOS system

The launch of the HBO Spain application, integrated into LG televisions, will be carried out through the WebOS 1.0 platform in its 2014 version . This technology, present in LG Smart TVs, improves the interface of these models, making them more intuitive when it comes to navigating quickly through their menus.

In addition, they also integrate other functions and tools, such as the Magic Control remote control, with which you will have many options that improve visualization and usability ; or ThinQ technology, an artificial intelligence present in all the company's Smart models.

The latter allows us to know, for example, when the next soccer game for our team is played or what the weather is in any city in the world. It is also possible to control our television to change the image modes, the volume or even control some external devices, with an open and free environment.

HBO contents

Quality content

With the HBO Spain app, users will have access to all the titles available on the platform. That is, we will find an extensive catalog of films, documentaries and, of course, all the original HBO series . What does this mean? Right. You will have available the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones , which premieres on April 17.

But it's not just Game of Thrones that people live. Users will also be able to enjoy the seasons of The Maid's Tale, True Detective, Big Little Lies, or great classics of modern television such as The Wire or The Sopranos .