The absurd reason why you should load the Apple MacBook from the right

The absurd reason why you should load the Apple MacBook from the right

If you like Apple computers or if you have one, you will know that the apple manufacturer has made a very strong commitment to the USB Type-C connector. So much so that the last MacBooks that came to the market only have this connector. This has some downsides, like the need to use adapters for just about anything. But also some advantage, such as being able to charge the computer in any of the ports it includes. Or not? Some users claim that this is not the case . Not at least if we want to do it in the most efficient and safe way for the computer.

Relax, it is not that from now on you can no longer charge your MacBook in any of the USB-C ports that it includes. However, according to information published on StackExchange, it is much better for the life of our computer to use one of the ports located on the right side of the computer instead of the ports located on the left.

If you have a MacBook, load it from the right

But why use the ports on the right side and not just any port? Some users have noticed that when they charge their laptops using the USB-C connectors on the left side, the MacBook gets hotter .

In the opinion, this temperature increase is due to increased use of the CPU . But why would the computer use the CPU to load itself? As commented by users who have investigated the problem, connecting the charger to the left side of the computer starts a process called "kernel_task" that increases CPU consumption.

load MacBook from the right side

The launch of this process causes that, as we said, the use of the CPU increases and, therefore, the fans begin to spin at many revolutions. Also, due to the launch of this process and CPU usage, the computer will get hotter .

How do we solve it? It can be easily solved by placing the charging cable in a USB Type-C port on the right side of the MacBook . According to the affected users, this simple movement solves the problem.

This problem has been detected only when the MacBook has accessories attached . If there is no type of accessory connected, it does not happen. So now you know, if you have one of the latest MacBook, the ones that only have USB Type-C ports, and you use it as the main device with connected accessories, it is better that you place the charging cable in one of the ports on the right side of the equipment. In this way we will be able to maintain a lower use of the CPU and increase the temperature of the equipment.