9 hidden settings that you have to activate yes or yes in Telegram for mobile

hidden telegram settings

For one reason or another, Telegram has become the hottest messaging app. Beyond the differences between Telegram and WhatsApp, the truth is that the application is far superior to the Facebook solution. This is due to the number of functions that the mobile version integrates. And is that while some functions are visible to anyone, others come in the form of hidden settings . This time we have compiled several hidden functions to activate in the mobile version of Telegram.

Deactivate the notification 'A contact has joined Telegram' permanently

Tired of Telegram sending you a notification every time a contact has joined the application? Don't worry, you can deactivate this notification permanently. The process is as simple as going to the Telegram settings through the side menu, more specifically the Notifications and sounds section .

hidden settings telegram 2

Once inside this menu we will slide to the end of the interface until we find an option called 'A contact joined Telegram' . To deactivate the notification, we will uncheck this option.

Disable notifications from all Telegram channels

One of the greatest advantages of Telegram lies precisely in its channels, groups of massive users that allow the dissemination of messages on a large scale. The problem with these has to do precisely with notifications. To deactivate them in one sitting we will have to go back to the Notifications and sounds section .

hidden settings telegram 3

Within Chat Notifications we will uncheck the Channels box to block notifications from all the channels we have subscribed to. This does not eliminate the notification bubble that is shown to us when entering the list of conversations.

Protect Telegram conversations with a password

Did you know that you can protect your conversations with a password within Telegram? So is. To do this we will have to go first to the Security and privacy section in settings. Then we will go to the Lock Code option .

hidden settings telegram 4

Now we will only have to create a numeric password to protect our conversations from other people's eyes. The application will automatically show us a lock on the top bar of the interface. Just click on the icon to block access to Telegram. Likewise, if our phone has a face unlock or fingerprint sensor, we can use these to block Telegram.

Download third-party themes and customize Telegram to your liking

Yes, Telegram supports installing themes. In fact, the application has several default themes. To download third-party themes we will have to resort to the Themes for Telegram application , developed by the Spanish Rafael.

  • Download app

To download a theme, just click on it. Finally we will press the Apply option to apply it in Telegram. If we want to see all the installed themes we can go to the Chats section within Settings in Telegram . From this section we can export any of the existing themes or modify the current theme.

Or create a theme from scratch

From the same Chat screen we can create a theme to our liking and change the colors of the application, as well as the color and size of the font . The process is really simple.

hidden settings telegram 1

In the Chats section we will click on the three points on the top bar. Next we will select the option to Create a new theme. Now we just have to assign it a new name and click on the color palette icon to start editing the graphic section of the application.

Don't send voice memos, send video memos

Voice memos are a thing of the past. With Telegram we can send video notes. Just as you read it.

The application will generate a floating bubble that will record the image captured by the mobile camera. Activating this option is as simple as touching the microphone button that we usually use to send a voice note . Et voilà , now we can record video notes by pressing on the camera button that will be shown below.

Use bots to get the most out of Telegram

Did you know that Telegram has bots? And did you know that they do not require any type of additional application? To activate them, simply type the name of the bot in a conversation or in the integrated search engine with the format @namedelbot . Next, Telegram will show the information of the bot in question and the different associated actions, which we can activate with the text / actionname format.

Some of the most popular bots allow us to perform actions such as checking the weather forecast, creating polls in a group, searching for videos on YouTube , subscribing to the RSS of a web page, consulting information on Wikipedia, or even searching for images without leaving the application.

  • @WeatherMan : to search for weather information.
  • @vkm_bot : to download music.
  • @alertBot : to create custom alerts.
  • @ytranslatebot : to translate texts.
  • @topdf_bot : to convert Word, Excel or RTF files to PDF documents.
  • @pollbot : to do polls in a group.
  • @AllWallpaperBot : to browse wallpapers.

Create custom Telegram stickers

hidden settings telegram 0

Tired of the default Telegram stickers? Thanks to the @Stickers bot we can create our own collection of stickers. It is enough to invoke him from the Telegram search engine to start creating the stickers within the application. We must bear in mind that the images must be in PNG format, with transparency and at a minimum size of 512 x 512 pixels .

Make Telegram your personal Tinder

Who wants Tinder having Telegram? Thanks to the People Nearby function we can use Telegram as a dating application. This function is found in the Telegram side menu . To activate it, however, we will have to previously activate the GPS location. Then, Telegram will show us a list of people close to our current position who have previously activated this function.