Milanuncios or Vibbo, what is the best alternative to Wallapop?

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Every day we see more applications advertising on TV and more and more apps that offer us to sell the things we no longer want and buy bargains that others had planned to throw away. But, which is the application that interests me the most to sell and buy second-hand products? Over time Wallapop has become a digital shopping center in which users go to see what is around us. Its main characteristic resides in the proximity sales over and above the need for specific products that has always characterized the second-hand market. That is why we propose you. What is the best alternative to Wallapop?


This app is the digital reconversion of the newspaper Segundamano , a classic of Spanish culture since the seventies. The Vibbo community is an exact carbon copy of that of Wallapop. Proximity sales, with an interface and ease of use strikingly similar to Wallapop . Even with the same search criteria we found the same products. Its menu is more concise and reduced, trying to stick to the purchase and sale of products.

Both the number of products and users is still much lower than that of Wallapop . This has an advantage. And it is that the more users, the more professional buyers / sellers sneak into the network, so the essence of cheap and close buying and selling vanishes. In this sense, Vibbo is a much more natural user network than Wallapop.


For years is the Wild West of the sale. Here we can find everything with a search engine with several filters to find the products you want or need. Here, proximity sales like the others take a back seat.

In its application, much more stylized than its web version, the purchase is based on categories, much more extensive and deep . From cars, houses, business transfers and premises to walkie-talkies for newborns. Its interface is the most intuitive, with well differentiated categories and with specific search engines within each section . It also offers the possibility of directly searching for what we are looking for.

Products are listed here in order of arrival . The newest at the beginning. Which means constantly renewing our ads so that they stay well placed. You can also filter searches by proximity.

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Other options

Obsso : in this app, exchange is the priority. Instead of continuing to buy, purchases and sales can only be carried out by offering another product .

Depop : the shopping app for hipsters . Medium-high level fashion, designer products … Don't try to sell your FIFA 14 here.

YuMe : conceived as a social network to buy and sell second-hand products in private environments. It can only be bought or sold on private networks created within YuMe itself . Focused on a younger audience to exchange technological products, it allows uploading videos, tutorials ...

ChicFy : for buying and selling second-hand clothes . Mainly focused on women. A place to find first-rate bargains.