Canon EOS 4000D, digital SLR camera to start on the right foot

Canon EOS 4000D, digital SLR camera to start on the right foot

Canon launches two amateur DSLR cameras. The Canon EOS 2000D is somewhat more advanced, and this EOS 4000D has close performance. It mounts an 18 megapixel APS-C sensor (24 in the 2000D) that captures images with sensitivity of up to 6400 ISO. It also uses a DIGIC 4+ image processor and has WiFi connectivity (in this case without NFC). Thanks to the Canon Camera Connect app (for iOS and Android), it is possible to share photos on social networks quickly. It is also possible to back up to the Canon (Irista) cloud. The easily accessible function menu will be a good help. The rear includes a slightly simpler LCD screen than the 2000D, 2 ”™ 7-inch and lower resolution. It can be reserved now at the official Canon store and will be on sale in April 2018 at a price to be determined.

Canon EOS 4000D

APS-C sensor and DIGIC 4+ processor

The new Canon EOS 4000D mounts an APS-C type sensor: it is a CMOS sensor in 3: 2 format. This format and the EF / EF-S lens mount imply a focal length equivalent to 1.6 times that of the mounted lens. In this case it has 18 megapixels, has an RGB color filter and manual cleaning. This camera will be able to take photos in low light: its sensitivity reaches up to 6,400 ISO and it is possible to force up to 12,800 ISO.

The new DIGIC 4+ processor for SLRs is faster and more accurate. It allows you to record Full HD videos (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) up to 30 fps , and 720p (1,280 x 720 pixels) up to 60 fps. This processor also powers Canon's Intelligent Scene modes. We select this mode on the dial, point, shoot, and the camera decides based on what it "sees" the optimal settings for that scene.

Canon EOS 4000D rear

Viewfinder and screen

The key to SLR cameras is the use of the direct viewer. Thanks to the internal prism and the moving mirror reflex system, we see exactly the scene we are going to capture . On the Canon EOS 4000D you mount a prism with 95 percent coverage and 0 ”™ 80x magnification. The viewfinder does not allow diopters (it is fixed at -1). You can preview the depth of field with the SET button.

The rear screen is an aid, both when shooting images in forced positions and for other uses. To manage menus, select options, and above all to review our photos. The Canon EOS 4000 D incorporates a 2 ”™ 7 inch (6” ™ 8 cm) TFT rear screen with 920,000 pixels. It has 100 percent coverage and up to 130 degrees of viewing angles. It is one of the differences with the 2000D model, equipped with a 3-inch and better vision.

Canon EOS 4000D top

Flash and battery

The Canon EOS 4000D mounts the same body-built flash as the 2000D . This is a powerful 9 ”™ 2 guide number flash (coverage meters at ISO100). It also allows you to cover a space equivalent to a 17mm lens (equivalent to a 28 in 35mm). It takes only two seconds to be available for another shot, and it has a lamp to prevent red-eye. The maximum sync speed is 1 / 20s and it is compatible with Speedlite EX external flashes.

The battery used is the LP-E10 lithium ion model. As in the Canon EOS 2000D, a full charge gives about 500 shots . Or up to an hour and a half of HD video. The camera has automatic shutdown (programmable from a few seconds to a few minutes) to avoid unnecessary battery consumption.

Canon EOS 4000D lens

Canon EF lenses

As for its compatibility with lenses, it is very broad, logically its strong point. There are over 80 compatible Canon EF and EF-S lenses . When the camera is on sale, the body can be purchased by itself, with an 18-55m f / 3 ”™ 5-5” ™ 6 ISII lens. Or also in a "kit" with a large selection of lenses.

The focus has 9 control points , which can be selected automatically or manually. The latter can be done through the menu, or directly on the rear screen. It also has predictive autofocus, among other functions.

Canon EOS 4000D datasheet

Sensor18.0 Megapixel APS-C CMOS
Image processorDIGIC 4+
objectiveInterchangeable EF and EF-S lenses
FocusTTL phase detection, 9 points
ISO sensitivityISO 100-6,400 (12,800)
Continuous shooting3 fps in AF
ViewfinderPrism and moving mirror
screen2.7 inches 920,000 pixels
VideoUp to Full HD at 30 fps
AvailabilityApril 2018